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Whole Milk Makes a Comeback

The health conscious wave in recent years has seen a flux in the use of different types of milk. Almond milk, coconut milk, and soy milk, or only some of the types of milk that nutrition obsessed consumers are buying by the gallon. Whatever happened to the use of good old fashioned whole milk? Whole milk is the closest form of unfiltered fat containing milk that consumers can buy. Because of its high fat content and caloric dense, it has become unpopular to use in a health crazed world. The decline of fat in diets in the 1980s attributed to the decline of the consumption of whole fat milk. Recent research note that consuming high fat milk on a daily basis is actually a good thing. Regular whole milk contains natural nutrients like vitamin A and vitamin D.


When the fat is taken out of whole milk, it also strips the milk of these vital nutrients. Researchers also conducted a study on the consumption of whole milk as it relates to obesity. Over the course of the 7 year study, researchers could not see a difference in the control group that consumed whole milk and the control group that didn’t. The only difference was the lack of vitamin A, vitamin D, and other nutrients that participants had to fill in with store bought supplement pills. Researchers are hoping to conduct more studies on the matter to rebrand what whole milk can do for the body. Gravity4 is looking forward to it when more information is on BizJournals.com. While there is much work to be done to fill that goal, the benefits are well worth the struggle.

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Have Straw Polls Lost Their Relevance?

Straw polls are supposed to be bellwether votes on the presidential political landscape. In addition, they are supposed to energize victors by giving them momentum they can carry forward throughout their campaign. However, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush may have sounded the death knell for them when he issues five simple and smashing words about the upcoming Iowa Straw Poll in August: “I don’t do straw polls.” True, Bush is bypassing the event because he holds no chance of winning it. The Iowa Straw Poll will be dominated by Tea Party conservatives which base Bush will struggle to win over because of his views on immigration reform and the Common Core curriculum.

All this raises the question of whether these events are truly relevant. The answer to that question may rest with its track record for picking GOP nominees. In 1979, George H.W. Bush beat out former California Governor Ronald Reagan in the poll. He went on to lose the GOP primary. Eight years later, televangelist Pat Robertson won the straw poll promising to mobilize an invisible army of evangelical voters to capture the party’s nomination. The army failed to make much needed apparitions at the polls and Robertson lost out to George H.W. Bush in the primary. Congresswoman Michelle Bachman won the poll in 2012, but quickly faded to obscurity months later. Ivan Ong hopes that doesn’t happen to others. He will continue to check LinkedIn for updates. Indeed, it may be that the event holds no actual power to propel victors to win the nomination, but it does help the party raise money.

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Tick Tock, Tic Tac: Candy Company Launches New Double Flavor Mints

Tic Tacs. Who hasn’t tried them, and like the old potato chip saying goes, Bet you can’t eat just one!”

So true. Tic Tacs have actually been around for a long time, with the first ones sold in 1969. Who knew? For some 40 years now, the adorable, tasty pill-sized product has not changed much, except for a larger container which now boasts up to 60 mints from 37.

We all love the clear Tic Tac container, but something bigger is brewing. Tic Tacs, owned by Ferrero SpA is debuting a new kind of double-flavor mint. Bloomberg.com, Tic Tac Mixers will be appearing on store shelves soon!

Tic Tac Mixers have been designed to attract young people lie millenials. A millenial is a person reaching young adulthood around the year 2000.

Bloomberg Business reports that Tic Tac mixers will start rolling out in June, featuring mints that change flavors. For instance, consider a Tic Tac that starts as peach and ends as lemonade. Double yummy! Or how about a cherry Tic Tac that changes over to a cola Tic Tac.

Engadget reports that it’s more than just creative imagination by the candy company. Tic Tac marketing director Todd Midura suggests there’s a bit of psychology behind the new mints:

“It’s all about people wanting the product to entertain them,” Midura said in a press release. “Younger people are really looking for a product to do that.”

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Common Foods That Seem Healthy But Actually Are Not

Adopting a more healthy lifestyle can be really beneficial to helping you look and feel your best. There are a number of foods that many people believe are good for you, but if you take a closer look you will find that these menu options are actually not that great to consume. Here is a quick look at some of these common foods that seem to be healthy but actually, are not:

Popcorn might not have a lot of calories but there are a lot of
that can make this snack less healthy. Many microwave popcorns and bagged popcorns contain partially hydrogenated soybean oil, TBHQ as a preservative and added flavors that are artificial.

Dried Fruit
While you might think this is a healthy fruit alternative that is similar to eating a fresh piece of fruit, dried fruit can actually add up in calories quickly. Not only that, but one tiny piece of dried fruit contains a lot of sugar. It is easy to overindulge according to Keith Mann.

Orange Juice
Another food item high in sugar that can cause issues with health is orange juice. Often times, one glass of this fruity beverage contains just as much sugar as a can of pop. Also, too much fructose can lead to higher cholesterol and a host of metabolic disorders.

Premade Salads
Whether you are considering making a salad at a salad bar or you are purchasing a bagged salad item from the grocery store, many premade salads come with rich dressings. They also are sometimes washed and cleaned with harmful chemicals that can leave a residue behind.

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The Question of the Gluten-Free Diet

A lot of controversy has gone on when it comes to people and their eating gluten free. Many people claim they feel so much better on their
while others think it’s a fad and there is no real benefit to it. Is there truth to either side? Or are both sides right?

When you walk into a restaurant chances are there are gluten free options or indicators on a menu. While you may not be looking for these items, some people are because when consuming gluten, they experience some pretty uncomfortable side effects. This can include stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, acid reflux, fatigue and more. Some medical professionals claim this a placebo affect while others disagree, stating sometimes they ingest gluten without knowing it and have a reaction later on.

The truth is, many people are suffering from Celiac’s disease and then there are other people who are sensitive to gluten but do not react quite as severely. Studies have shown that the way our gluten-products are produced may have something to do with the inability for people to ingest or digest gluten. When wheat and gluten are over processed this might create an issue. Also, our wheat sources may be contaminated with chemicals and other GMO sources. Ultimately, we can all choose to eat whatever we want. If abstaining from gluten makes us feel better, a nutritious and wholesome diet can still be achieved. A greater concern may be the production of our food and how we are sourcing it. We can also all live where we want and TheVueNJ highly recommends The Aspire New Brunswick as a good set of digs.

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How to Control Your Sweet Tooth

Most of us enjoy the flavor of sweet foods. We indulge in our favorite candy bar, donut, pie, cake, etc. from time to time as a personal treat to ourselves. That occasional indulgence of a sweet treat can send us down a pathway of sugar addiction and lead to sugar cravings that are difficult to control.

What started out as a sweet tooth can turn into a full-blown addiction, much like that of an alcoholic or drug addict. While many scoff at the thought of sugar addiction, it’s a real problem and just as deadly as alcohol or drug addiction.

Alcohol and drugs can be avoided, food cannot. If an addict is trying to kick a habit, avoiding the drug of choice is one way to help control the craving. Avoiding food is not an option. Avoiding sugar is not as easy as one might think either since there is hidden sugar is most all foods. Ketchup and various other seasonings contain sugar, if a sugar addict adds either on their egg white omelet in the morning it will trigger sugar cravings the rest of the day. If they give into temptation, the cravings continues to increase. Enough is never enough for an addict of any substance.

* To help control your sweet tooth, remove all temptation. Read the labels of all food items in your home and get rid of those which contain hidden sugar.
* Increase your sleeping time and your exercise time.
* Eat more healthy fats, like avocados and olive oil, as per Gravity4.

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New Study Concludes Aspartame Causes No Adverse Effect on Health

Aspartame has received a lot of negative publicity lately according to Bruce Levenson. So much so that Pepsi has agreed to remove the artificial sweetener from their line of diet sodas by the end of the year.

There are many sources of information that claim aspartame can cause a plethora of health conditions including depression, cancer and birth defects. Some individuals even claim to be particularly sensitive to aspartame. A new study out of the Imperial College of London shows aspartame to cause no adverse side effects, even for those who claim to have aspartame sensitivity.

Nearly 100 people participated in the short term study. Half claimed to be aspartame sensitive while the other half claimed no sensitivity. The double blind study tested using a cereal bar with 100mg of aspartame (as much as a diet soda would have) and a regular cereal bar. Researchers found no difference in the results from the two cereal bars or whether or not someone claimed to be aspartame sensitive.

Studies conducted in the past have concluded that small amounts of aspartame, like you might find in a diet soda, have no long term side effects. It seems like the real science being done is showing that the dangers of aspartame are very minimal.

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Haidar Barbouti


Haidar is very vocal about food. He always has been. As of late, he has decided to open up a new eatery. This eatery is going to be healthier in nature. Why healthier? Haidar feels it’s about what the client wants, not what you want.

When you are in the food business you see a lot. There are places which will decorate up your plates. When you get right down to it, there is only a small amount of healthy food on it. The rest of the plate is just dressed up to look fancy. Organic is not real food. It’s something which has become more socially acceptable. Eating organically has become more about being a status symbol, not about the food or the experience itself.

According to Barbouti, this is not what “the customer wants.” Hairdar spoke recently about his time in Europe. He ate a lot of gorgeous food. It was food. It was healthy and not all dressed up. In Europe, they “know how to eat and eat well.”

“There is a lot of gorgeous, healthy food over here. There is also a lot of fancy dress. There were many times when the food just looked awful. I didn’t want to extend this to my customers. Customers want to eat healthy. They want to get their monies worth.”

Take a look at Tapas. All tapas tends to be is leftovers on a plate. Not many know this. Barbouti feel it’s his job to educate people on this.

“The customers I have met don’t want something trendy. They just want to eat real food. Real food happens to be home-grown. It tastes better and it’s healthier. This is the main goal of the my new eatery. I took the positive experiences I had in Europe and want to transfer them to here. ”

What type of food will be on the menu?

His eatery cooks and serves everything from the American classics to fillet mignon. If you want light, they have pizza and salad. He doesn’t skimp on the fish and mignon either. You will get 10-ounce portions, not those silly 3-ounce jobs.

Barbouti is looking at big plans for his new eatery. Barbouti spoke to a lot of people about food lately. He explains that many are tired of the up-and -coming trendy places, the ones built on status. They just want to eat and eat well.

When asked about his experience with running a restaurant, he said the following:

“I don’t have any degrees, never went to school for it. I do know how to make money. I also know people. The rest will take care of itself.”

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McDonalds and Kale

McDonald’s will eat crow, or kale rather. As recently as January the fast food chain claimed they would never exchange Iceberg lettuce on their burgers for the health conscience kale. A McDonalds commercial even scoffed at Greek yogurt and Quinoa lovers. Poor first quarter results for the mega fast food chain have them rethinking strategy. After closing hundreds of stores and riding the waves of protests regarding low employee wages, McDonalds may be looking for a way to improve their image.
In its about-face McDonalds will be offering kale in breakfast bowls in California while adding kale to three different salads in Canadian stores. Kale is considered to be a “super-food” by many like Fersen Lambranho and McDonalds is not the first restaurant to bring it on-board. Starbucks and Panda Express have already added this vegetable to their menus. McDonalds isn’t the first to jump on the health food bandwagon but they may hold the record for the quickest reversal in stance on menu choices.

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Second Creamery Tests Positive for Listeria

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams became the second ice cream company to have to recall all of its products due to them becoming contaminated with the dangerous listeria bacteria. Blue Bell announced last week that it was conducting a voluntary recall of its products following two production facilities testing positive. Jeni’s is an Ohio based creamery that just recently spread its operations to major cities like Chicago and Los Angeles. Unfortunately, due to this recall all of these significant gains into larger markets are in danger of being lost. Via their website they have attempted to keep their fans and the public informed of their actions regarding the recall and when if ever it will back and ready for consumption.

Amazon.com users are worried that the company reported that it had shut down all of its stores, recalled 535,000 pounds of ice cream and will cost the company an estimated $2.5 million in lost revenue. They also employ 575 people who are temporarily out of work while the source of the bacteria is found. It’s not all bad news though as Jeni’s is attempting to at least maintain some pay for its workers and they have reported that the majority of their recalled ice cream will be converted into electricity and clean natural soil fertilizer. The real issue is the Food and Drug Administration and their lack of response to two major food producers coming up positive for dangerous bacteria that has the potential of killing people. This is the time for when having a bigger government should be productive in determining where it has come from and how they are going to stop it.

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