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E-Commerce Is Headed In The Direction Of Visual Technology

Visual search technology is proving to be enormously beneficial to e-commerce websites. Retailers are using visual search software to make easier for customers to search for products. The easier customers can find products, the easier making a purchase becomes.

Live Mint published an informative article on the growth of artificial intelligence-driven image recognition programs. These programs allow consumers to find merchandise not by typing in text for a search, but requesting the software match a provided image. For example, an image of shoes would be used to scour a retailer’s website for a matching pair.

Image recognition software is proving to be extremely popular on a global basis. Shopping is made easier and more productive.

Slyce, the Toronto, Canada startup tech company greatly pioneered great new developments in image recognition software. Slyce originally focused on a smartphone app that was designed to take Amazon Flow’s image recognition concept a step further. Slyce succeeded greatly with its app. Numerous top retailers – including ones listed on the Fortune 500 – are using Slyce’s visual search program.

Slyce has reaped financial windfalls thanks to the success of its image recognition programming. Retailers are noting increased sales thanks to integrating image recognition technology into consumer websites. Customers are no longer walking away empty-handed due to not being able to find their first or second choice. They are buying previously not noticed merchandise revealed to them by Slyce. Slyce, building upon early success, has purchased other apps and expanded its software line.

Those interesting in learning more about visual search technology should read the entire Live Mint article. The future of shopping is revealed in its paragraphs.

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A Special Couple Invests in Specialty Spirits

Prominent Michigan residents Dick and Betsy DeVos are investing in a unique sector of the Michigan economy. They are entering into the upscale liquor business by purchasing the Coppercraft Distillery based in Holland Township. The DeVos holding company, Windquest Group, has obtained the initial approval of the Liquor Control Commission, and the process to obtain full approval is underway. Coppercraft, a boutique distillery employing 8 workers, is poised to expand the market for its premium aged spirits and diversify into craft wines and beer. Their 50-seat tasting room will soon feature appetizers to enhance the touring experience for visitors and residents alike. I would certainly expect Coppercraft to rank high on the list of events during Holland’s annual Tulip Time Festival in May.

Dick DeVos has a sharp eye for business expansion honed by his years as a top executive at the international success story Amway. His wife has been an integral part of his charity work, helping to oversee the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in dispersing funds and advice. I can see an expression of a philosophy of economic and educational encouragement across many sectors, bolstered always by a focus on improving educational opportunities in Michigan.

Dick and Betsy are carrying on the DeVos family tradition of philanthropy and business established by Dick’s father, Richard DeVos. The elder DeVos was the co-founder of Amway and his experience and values are reflected in his son. From managing the Orlando Magic Basketball franchise, to wielding political influence, to this new venture into specialty crafted liquors, Dick DeVos will continue to expand his reputation of good deeds and exemplary business strategy. I would like to raise a glass, of Coppercraft of course, in a toast to Dick and Betsy!

Learn more about the DeVos Amway business here: http://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2010/09/amway_heir_dick_and_betsy_devo.html

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U.S. Money Reserve President, Diehl, Discusses about Elimination of the Penny

Andrew Ross Sorkin, the morning show host on CNBC, Squawk Box, observed that some economists believe that eliminating the penny out of circulation will alter prices and press inflation. Reacting to this view, during an interview that was aired on 30th December, U.S. Money Reserve President, Philip Diehl, pointed out that very few transactions on the market will be affected by the penny elimination since 75% are done electronically. He said that many businesses would round prices down due to good customer care. Founded in 2001, U.S. Money Reserve has a standardized customer service in an effort of establishing a long-term customer relation. Thousands of clients looking to diversify their assets with the physical precious metals rely on U.S. Money Reserve for excellent services. This information was mentioned on PRNewswire.
Still on Squawk Box, Philip argued that the market place competition will discipline companies not to distort prices. He said that only a person earning less than minimum wage for his/her trouble would bend over to pick a penny on the street. Critics say that eliminating the penny is a shallow idea since the nickel costs 9.4 cents to make. They argue that there is still a chance to change the composition of the five-cent coin, which is a mix of copper and nickel. He concluded by indicating the $105 million annual amount the American Tax payers will save if production of the penny is stopped. Those protecting the coin are the private interests that include the coin’s blanks and the zinc lobby. U.S. Money Reserve one of U.S.’s largest private distributors of the government-issued gold, silver and platinum product.
The company has a remarkable team of professional coin researchers and numismatic gurus who bear extensive knowledge on profitable metals for buyers at every level. It is imperative to note that the U.S. Money Reserve offers gold bullion coins, silver bullion, gold numismatic coins and American eagle platinum numismatic proof coins. It is imperative to note that the U.S. Money Reserve is fully backed by the U.S. Government. To this end, the purity, content and weight of the coins are accurate. Clients can thus purchase the coins having the confidence that the coins that they buy contain the stated amount of platinum, gold and silver. Congress authorizes the U.S. Government issued coins as they are produced having face value denominations. This makes them certified U.S. legal tender.

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Manhattan Real Estate Analysis

Virtual Strategy Marketing released highlights on TOWN Residential’s most recent quarterly market report, titled the Aggregate. This report shows that while prices have been rising seemingly across the board, the coming year could very well end up in favor of buyers.

Overall, there have been average price gains of 5.2% year-over-year, coupled with a median increase of 16% over the same period to a new high of $1,150,000. Along with this came a subsequent rise in price per square foot. The record highs reached here are boosted by an 8.4% quarterly rise in price to $1,505.

The largest increase seen in this quarter has clearly come from the condo market. Median prices of these pieces of property have gone up 20% in the last year to $1,736,250. Median price per square foot has continued to trend upward as well with the median increasing 11% over the past year and 7.6% in the last quarter alone. Size did not seem to matter either with prices of one, two, and three bedroom units going up across the board to $1,080,000, $2,056,865 and $4,421,300 respectively.

The biggest surprise in the report came from the cooperative housing market. Here it was noted that three bedroom co-ops have finally gone over a median sale price of $3,000,000. This represents a 15% since the third quarter.

Although the increase in these numbers may make buyers a little nervous, it seems as if this worry could be for nothing. A key reason for the big increases toward the end of the year was due to the fact that a large number of new development trophy listings were closed on. These high-dollar properties could have served to skew average and median prices higher than they actually are. According to the report, the resale market has actually been stabilizing, coming down from its peak earlier this year. This is great news for buyers who have long been at the mercy of sellers in this extremely competitive real estate market.

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The Benefits of Having Get Your Wiki do your Wikipedia Business Page Creation

Wikipedia has become a renowned name in the online business industry because of its aid in promoting businesses with free positive advertising. How does it work? Well, whenever a person types in a business’ or person’s name in their search engine, Wikipedia listings are some of the first information that comes up. Because people do not tend to go to the last search listings available, they get to see the more positive aspects of the company instead. This is why it is best that a company choose to make a Wikipedia page, so they can reflect the information that they want consumers to know about, not complaints or instances of bad service. This is a great benefit to companies trying to increase consumer trust and manage their online reputation. 

Wikipedia does not except all articles about businesses. The few that get chosen are about more commonly known companies, and they have well written articles submitted about them. Wikipedia has very high standards concerning what articles that they accept because so many people view them. Articles that are full of grammatical and spelling errors would be very difficult to read. The website also wants to be sure that they only approve articles that are about topics that people would want to know more about. To guarantee that your business article is approved by Wikipedia, it helps to have some assistance from a Wikipedia writing service that knows what their requirements are. Get Your Wiki has experienced Wiki writers and editors who have a high success rate with Wikipedia. They can edit pre-written articles about businesses, or write the entire article for you. Another benefit to hiring them is that they can help monitor your Wikipedia page after it is approved to ensure that only positive information is reflected on it.

Get a free quote within 24 hours of your submission by clicking on the following link: http://www.getyourwiki.com/

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George Soros and the Financial Markets


In a recent article with Bloomberg, George Soros said that he thinks the current financial markets around the world are in for a downturn. There are many things about the current market that signal a lot of weakness. For example, there has been a lot of weakness coming out of China. Anyone who is looking to invest in the financial markets needs to make sure they are thinking long term. The markets in that country have had to be turned off before because they are going down so fast. There are also a lot of things domestically in the United States that signal trouble. Here are some of the biggest reasons that George Soros is bearish on the financial position of the world.


China has been one of the fastest growing economies in the world for the past several years. However, there is a lot of evidence to suggest that China and its growth are slowing. There are many investors who are looking to invest in China. However, this has a lot of consequences for anyone who is interested in earning a high return over the long term. George Soros says that he would stay away from nations like China. There are many people in that country that try to make their financial markets look better than they actually area. George Soros wants to invest in areas that he is confident in over a long period of time. This is not one of those areas.

Student Debt

Student loans are another huge program being faced by the economy. There are millions of students who have borrowed money to go to school. Although this sounds like a good investment, there are many students who now regret going to school because they cannot afford the debt on their school. These high monthly payments can really eat into the cash flow of a person who is trying to save money. To make matters worse, there is a really soft job market right now for college graduates. This has created a situation where students are unable to work to pay for the student loans they took on in order to get a better job. This entire cycle is something that is simply not sustainable. George Soros believes that this will be a drag on the economy of the developed world for many years to come.


George Soros has made many predictions over the years about the economy. One of the most common is that the economy is coming to an end. However, this year he predicted that the economy would look a lot like 2008. There are a lot of people who are worried about the current state of finances around the world. If you are someone who invests in the financial markets, it is important to look at what George Soros has to say. Over the years, he is a good source of information on various economic conditions around the world financially.

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The Manse on Marsh: The Superstar in Assisted Living

For over 15 years, The Manse on Marsh has been providing spectacular assisted living services for their clients. People with aging parents can be rest assured in knowing that their loved ones are well taken cared of with this amazing organization. As a matter of fact, clients are taken care of beyond the norm with the full amenities and a lot more. This extraordinary, assisted living center has the following amenities among their activities: Meals, vegetarian typed meals (if preferred), offsite activities, offsite devotional services, indoor common areas, onsite activities, onsite devotional services, outdoor common areas, onsite beautician, staffing, visiting podiatrist, nurses on staff, visiting physical and speech therapists, visiting occupational therapist, and 24 hour awake staff. They also offer other services that makes them stand above the rest. Their services include transportation with a fee, complimentary transportation, resident parking, wheelchair accessible showers, hospice, aging in place, respite, acceptance of pets, and pet care availability. They also allow smoking outdoors, and can be contacted online pretty easily.

The Owner and His Team

The owner, Chris Skiff, has worked with more than twenty senior community developments before he operated The Manse on Marsh. He is so passionate about serving seniors, that he began developing affordable senior apartments when he was 23 years old. Before that, he graduated from UCLA with honors. The staff at The Manse on Marsh are very compassionate, and they exemplify highly skilled leadership and expertise in the field. Clients and their loved ones just love Mr. Skiff and his team, and they are very grateful of them providing the utmost compassion, care, and customer service possible.


The Manse on Marsh also has a great reputation among different agencies. They are so well liked within the community for their ultimate professionalism, service, and compassion, that they have been receiving awards for most of the years they’ve been in business. They have received the following awards over the years: Best Retirement Community, Builder of the Year, Award for Historical Renovation, Certificate for Recognition, Outstanding Contributions, Best Commercial Remodel, and Award of Commendation. The Manse on Marsh is the premiere Independent and Assisted Living community within the California Central Coast. They are also voted #1 of the SLO Tribune Reader’s Choice Awards.

Some Clients Testimonials

The Manse on Marsh has proven to be the most superior leaders in the assisted living field in CA. Not only are agencies making great notice and testaments of them by rewarding them with prestigious awards, but also many of their clients and their loved ones are giving high praises of them. They are saying such things like the dining rooms and other rooms are very nice and clean, the food tastes good, the building is of high-end quality, they have great prices, and the staff is very welcoming and nice. Clients also like the fact that this company is located among great shopping and dining areas, and other recreational areas.  The Testimonials from the website really paint the full picture.


For 15 years, the San Luis Obispo community in CA has been all abuzz of the Manse on Marsh. No other assisted living center comes close to them, and their awards and reputation speaks for themselves.

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Yeonmi Park Opens up Regarding North Korean Oppression

North Korea is one of the most introverted and oppressive countries in the world and for that reason alone we very rarely get to hear about what is truly going on within its borders. Yet, occasionally there will be a voice or two who manages to escape the confines of their prison-country and are brave enough to speak out about the atrocities they left behind. Yeonmi Park, now a young woman living in America, is one of those survivors and as reported by Reason she was willing to become a voice for the people who never get heard. Growing up in North Korea is an experience unlike any other. Yeonmi tells of how she feared even the birds and bugs in her home country due to the prevailing legend that the North Korean regime had eyes and ears ‘everywhere’. She was taught to never speak her doubts, not even in private, and to avoid creating any sort of waves by having opinions or personality. Park was told not to sing, not to dress any way outside of the norm, and most of all never to question the regime. This was life in North Korea. Things hit a fever pitch when Yeonmi Park had turned 13. Her father had been arrested for smuggling metal to China, to make extra money for the family, and he was thrown into a forced labor camp as a result. Yeonmi and her mother had to flea the country, taking up with a Chinese human trafficker in order to get past the North Korean borders. However, Park’s escape from North Korea was only the beginning of a nightmare as you can read in her new book on Amazon, “In order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom”. What followed that intimidating and terrifying escape was years of imprisonment, trapped in the world of human trafficking. Yeonmi and her mother had been sold into slavery and it would take true strength in order to survive the abuse, molestation, and fear that would follow. But Park did survive and she eventually escaped and now Park is one of the most important voices in the world of human rights activism.

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Jon Urbana’s Campaign Drives on Gofundme and Crowdrise Ignite a Base

Jon Urbana is a successful entrepreneur and is currently the Head of Business Development at Ellipse, USA where he oversees progress in sensitization of Ellipses Laser technologies and also its revolutionary IPL.

Before we go on, get a look at the picture Jon shared to Imgur. Earth Temple has been shared just about everywhere, and I’m sure you can see why.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana


Jon’s Next Level Lacrosse Camp
Jon is a former Villanova Wildcats lacrosse player himself and that led him to open the the Next Level Lacrosse Camp alongside Lou Braun in 2011. This camp is held annually in Colorado at the Vail Mountain School and in Denver’s Crammer Park. He was an NCAA lacrosse player in his youth. It is the premier training program for young players between the ages of ten and fifteen. At his lacrosse camp, he serves as the head coach for the camp, and Jon Urbana coaches his campers on best techniques and practices. Next Level also has active members from the famous Denver Outlaws.

Charity Drive Earth Force
Earth Force is a nonprofit organization and it has a network of over 100 partners to guide and support the youth to build an environmentally resilient community. Urbana’s goal is $1750 and this is his second crowdfunding campaign inspired by his lacrosse teams and their desire to clean up the environment.

Charity Drive ARAS
Jon’s love of animals started long before his love of lacrosse. The charity Urbana is supporting in his Crowdrise campaign is The Animal Rescue and Adoption Center (ARAS), a no kill cat shelter in the Denver area. The Animal Rescue and Adoption Center in Denver is a warm, safe, and healthy environment for stray and lost cats and its aim is to find loving permanent homes for these cats.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Jon’s Music
Jon Urbana kicked off his music career with just Ableton software and a guitar. With his creative skills in electronic music and remixing, he even has a Soundcloud fan base.

Jon Urbana’s Aviation From The FAA
Jon learned how to fly airplanes, eventually earning FAA recognition as part of an Airman’s Certification induction. TheFederal Aviation Authority has added his name to its Certified Airmen Database that lists the top pilots in the world.

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Check Out The Wonderful Line Of Products From Beneful

Beneful dog food has a host of Purina products to please everyone’s canine friend or friends. Beneful has everything from wet food to dry food, and Beneful even carries a wonderful set of delicious treats. The Beneful brand even has a myriad of choices for what a pet owner’s dog might need the most for a healthy diet or to lose weight. Also, Beneful has several products that come in a variety of tasty flavors. Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals With Real Beef Feel safe knowing your dog will be getting a bowl full of food, which is full of all the nutrients it needs like real animal protein and antioxidants. The food is crunchy and tender, and a dog is sure to appreciate the real beef. Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals With Real Chicken Feel safe knowing your dog will be getting a bowl full of food, which is full of all the nutrients it needs like real animal protein and antioxidants. The food is crunchy and tender, and a dog is sure to appreciate the real chicken. Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals With Real Salmon Feel safe knowing your dog will be getting a bowl full of food, which is full of all the nutrients it needs like real animal protein and antioxidants. The food is crunchy and tender, and a dog is sure to appreciate the real salmon. Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Weight With Real Chicken Sometimes adult dogs have packed weight on over the years due to age, and maybe they’ve even gained a little bit of weight thanks to their generous owners. Beneful has a healthy and tasty alternative from Petco to help keep any adult dog slim, active and happy. The mixture of food contains crunchy and easy to chew bites, and they are still full of the complete daily nutrition any other dog would need.

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