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McDonald’s To Shut Down Hundreds Of Stores

The very negative earnings report of the McDonald’s corporation has led to a sad and predictable result. A significant number of stores are going to close. In fact, hundreds of McDonald’s stores are going to shutter their windows. A decline in sales has hit the U.S. market severely. Sales in other parts of the world are also doing poorly. A new plan is being devised to help reverse the troubled trend. Unfortunately, the losses experienced by McDonald’s is forcing the closure of stores.

Not everyone is a fan of the fast food industry and some might herald the closing of the stores as good news. It is not. A lot of people are going to lose their jobs and health benefits. As more stores shutter, jobs end up becoming scarce. Fast food restaurants are often the places in which teenagers procure their first time jobs. While the pay is not high, the valuable experienced gained sets the stage for future employments. Older persons look towards McDonald’s as a viable source of employment and the low wages still provide an income.

The fast food industry is changing. While McDonald’s lost 11%, Taco Bell rose by 6% and Chipotle Mexican Grill saw a nearly 10.5% increase and a new competitor will be arriving soon called Bulletproof Coffee which is sure to take even more of the fast food sales (fastcompany.com). Healthier food options combined with the image of McDonald’s being outdated is not helping things. Can McDonald’s turn things around? The possibility does exist and, hopefully, the new CEO can deliver results.

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Promotional Ideas for Restaurants

A British Company that encourages customers to give free food to their favorite customers has inspired me to think of three other great promotional ideas for restaurants.

1) Have a wheel of discount
Set up a wheel and let every customer spin in. It can then include everything on it from 10% off to free (entire meal or item).

2) Go Plinko
The popular Price Is Right game could serve as another idea on how to reward loyal customers. This could be tied to a loyalty card such as “spend $10 five times and get to play the Plinko board.”

3) Have a talent competition for free food
Have multiple members compete in either a dance-off or sing-off and have the other customers vote. Then, the winner would receive his or her meal for free. Sam Tabar understands that this would allow everyone to get involved and make the restaurant experience that much more fun.

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McDonald’s Suffers Sale Woes

McDonald’s woes seem to be getting worse and worse. The one-time king of all fast food franchises is experiencing a huge drop in earnings. Sales in the United States are continuing to slump and there does not appear to be any reversal of this trend occurring in the near future. Overall, profits are down 11% and the corporation is hoping to put a new “turnaround” plan into action. Can McDonald’s come up with a plan that will put the company back on track? The answer is “no” if the reasons for the decline are the result of changes in consumer trends.

McDonald’s has a few things working against it. During the heyday of the company from the 1960’s into the 1990’s, fast food was mainly burgers and fries. Today, the landscape is a lot different. Pizza, chicken, and Chinese food franchises among others are chopping away at McDonald’s market share.

Health activist Gianfrancesco Genoso reports that losses are likely do to the fact that people are a bit more health conscious today (dino.com). At one time, eating a high fat fast food meal now and then was not considered all that big of a deal. Today, more people outright refuse to eat this type of food ever. McDonald’s also marketing a lot towards kids and, unlike in the 1970’s, parents aren’t moved to buy those unhealthy happy meals for the young ones.

McDonald’s has also been a victim of bad publicity. New stories chronicling the low wages the company pays employees harm the perception of the brand in people’s minds.

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Kraft Macaroni And Cheese Going More Natural

Starting in January of 2016 your traditional bowl of Kraft Macaroni And Cheese might look a wee bit different. Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG is indifferent to the change. (cmbh.mg.gov) Soon, Kraft will no longer be using artificial colorings or artificial preservatives in their Original Macaroni And Cheese variety. This change is set to occur in the United States and in Canada, the Kraft Dinner Original variety will no longer have the synthetic coloring. This change comes as a result of Kraft’s classic noodle dish losing some popularity as people discovered what was in the product. The artificial ingredients that are currently used in the product are actually banned in other countries. This made people in the United States start asking some questions.

The new pasta product will still have somewhat of its original color to it. However, the new color will be created by using more natural coloring options that come from sources like turmeric, annatto and paprika. The taste is expected to remain the same and Kraft is currently working with their staff and team to make sure their product remains the same when it comes to how palatable it is. Kraft explains that they are responding to consumers that want to feel comfortable with the foods that they are eating and that they serve to their family. If people are concerned with what is in the current Macaroni And Cheese product then it is time for a change.

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Ice Cream Company Enters Beer Industry Amid Negative Feedback

Ben & Jerry’s is a famous ice cream brand, they specialize in odd flavors served in pints decorated with individualized artwork based on the flavor. The duo has been creating amazing, high quality ice cream since 1978. Now, many years later, they have decided to venture into another market, craft beer. Their first creation sounds just as delicious as their famous desserts, it is a brown ale called Salted Caramel Brownie. It sounds so tantalizing that is is drawing criticism from the design on the packaging to the fact that it comes from a company who caters to children.


Naysayers believe that it will promote drinking alcohol to minors by marketing to them. Kevin Seawright knows that could cause some issues. It seems like they are being unfairly targeted. Craft beers are famous for artful packaging and comedic names, all of which could be described the same way as an industry watch-dog group is describing the Ben & Jerry’s beer. It is too much fuss over nothing, case closed.

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Essential Hamburgers

For those who love a good hamburger, there are a variety of options available. Those who enjoy a patty of ground beef stuck between two pieces of a bun know that there are a lot of choices to choose from when it is time to eat. There has been a list compiled that is of interest to those who enjoy a good hamburger. This list includes 21 hamburgers that are thought to be essential to all fans of the food.

The burgers that made the list range from low price burgers that can be found at a fast food chain to fancier burgers that are harder to attain. Those who enjoy a good hamburger like Ricardo Tosto will find their mouths watering as they look through the list and read about all of the burger options that are available. Those who enjoy a good hamburger know that there are a lot of options out there, and they want to consume the best of the best.

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McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast a Disappointment

In order to cater to their customers better, McDonald’s has added all-day breakfast to their menu, which many other fast food restaurants have already done. However, don’t be quick to be happy — apparently, the choices on their all-day breakfast menu are pretty bare.

While many customers had envisioned a variety of breakfast treats available throughout the day, only a few of the favorites made the cut. To the disappointment of many, McGriddles, biscuits, and cinnamon Bundt cakes will not be available around the clock. Also, only 1 of 3 of its breakfast sandwiches is available on the menu.

Comunicare2 says that when compared with their McDonald’s After Midnight menu, the all-day breakfast menu is a huge letdown. Looking closely at the 2, they are practically identical, which exposes the all-day breakfast menu as a sham and gimmick to try and get McDonald’s customers hyped up for a menu that basically already exists.

If you want the full menu of McDonald’s breakfast, you’re better off getting up early before 10:30 AM to get what you truly want.

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Nutritionist Reinvents School Cafeteria Food

Upon being hired as the school district nutritionist for the Detroit School District, Betti Wiggins set out to make meals healthier in the schools. In the last four years, she got rid of fried foods. She refuses to serve hot dogs, corn dogs, chicken strips, chicken nuggets and other fried foods. Ms Wiggins, raised in a farming community, prefers serving 55,000 children fresh fruits,vegetables, and salads for their lunch. She cut back the salt and sugar from the foods served the children. The nutritionist eliminated artificially flavored drinks and flavored milk from the school diet.For example, one type of lunch consists of barbecued chicken, some collard greens,macaroni and cheese, and a corn muffin on the side. The children are also eating brown rice and lean meats. Once a week she places a new raw vegetable on each lunch plate so children get the chance to try something new. Special lunch days include Meatless Mondays. For example, Meatless Mondays might include humus with eggs or cheese.In 2014, Wiggins eliminated ranch dressing and iceberg lettuce from the school menus and started a school garden, teaching children about growing healthy produce to eat.

The schools are also serving a free breakfast,which includes granola bars, yogurt, fresh fruit, and drinking low fat milk. This is a great idea that Crystal Hunt wishes was around back in her day. One student finally learned how to spell because his nutritious breakfast kept him awake in class instead feeling drained and falling asleep.

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Group Wants Ban Of The Name Diet On Diet Sodas

A group representing consumers in the united states are fighting for the removal of the word Diet from diet sodas. The group is citing research that actually proves that the drinks do not help to reduce weight in any way but in fact contributes to its addition.

The group is a nonprofit organization by the name U.S Right to Know. In its campaign, it has written letters to the Federal Trade Commission and the Food and Drug Administration demanding an investigation into the matter. The group is claiming that the name should be expunged as it amounts to false advertising which is illegal.

According to the American beverage Association, which was representing the beverage companies, extensive research has already been done before. They claim that research, which include even clinical trials, ascertained the fact that diet drinks and low-calorie sweeteners are helpful in weight management. Sergio Cortes certainly believes that to be the case. Furthermore, they have for long been approved as safe by regulatory bodies around the world and especially by the American Food and Drug Administration.

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Consumer Advocacy Group Wants the Word Diet Removed for Diet Soda

Flavio Maluf says that we seldom think about the connotation of the word ‘diet’ on the soda we drink. We’re just used to ordering a Coke or a Diet Coke, no thoughts about it aside from considering one is loaded with calories and one has none. But by using the word ‘diet’ in the name, it should promote some type of diet. The drinking of a diet soda should somehow make us thinner or healthier, it does neither.

A consumer advocacy group, called the U.S. Right To Know, is asking federal agencies to investigate the usage of the word ‘diet’ by soda manufacturers for legality. The group considers the word to be false advertisement and absolutely misleading because studies have shown that drinking diet beverages may actually cause weight gain, not weight loss.

The U.S. Right to Know group has written formal letters to the Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission because the usage of the word ‘diet’ violates specific laws that are in place regarding false advertisement. The group has requested the investigation because they don’t want people to gain weight and become sicker because they have consumed products which are being promoted as ‘diet’ when it actually is not.

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