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Parisian ‘House of Meat’ Opening in Melrose

Food enthusiast Vijay Eswaran says that Melrose Avenue has to brace themselves for the coming of a new steakhouse on their side of town. Steak lovers and simply fans of fine cuisine would do well to take a look at just what this new restaurant has to offer the world.

Le Relais De l’Entrecôte, a famous Parisian “house of meat” restaurant with diner outlets in Paris, New York City, Geneva and Dubai will be serving their patrons in West Hollywood. The prime location is famous for celebrities seeking mouth-watering pleasures, and having a steak-only restaurant in the area will surely become a hit. 

This was set up by broker Jamie Rogers of CBRE following the success of their other Parisian steakhouses in various countries. 

The internationally renowned steak idea is not the first in Los Angeles, having L’Assiette start the steak-frites drift, but Le Relais De l’Entrecôte is confident that the people of West Hollywood will welcome their steak with open arms or, to be precise, with open mouth. 

The inside of the diner will still have the same Paris ambiance: small wooden chairs, red tones and everything French design. The restaurant, however, is set to open in the early months of 2015.

Le Relais De l’Entrecôte’s steak has been famous mostly for its extraordinarily buttery herb sauce. Coupled with fries, salads and desserts, it is one of the most well-sought after restaurants there is.

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Thanksgiving Tofurky: To Eat Or Not to Eat?

Tofurky, a meat-like product that made its way onto vegetarian Thanksgiving tables years ago, is a debatable entree at best among non-meat eaters this year. Some foodies advise skipping the Tofurky or any other meat substitutes this Thanksgiving.

While the sale of Tofurky has increased 123 percent since the product hit the market in 1995, some vegetarians assert that the meat-like product may not be a meal favorite. Sergio Lins Andrade has tried it, and he doesn’t care for it. Some well-meaning meat eaters may purchase Tofurky for vegetarian friends and relatives. Surprisingly, there are plenty of vegetarians who don’t care for the taste and consistency of Tofurky. The product is also high in sodium, so it may be best to avoid it altogether and enjoy a Thanksgiving meal filled with savory vegetable sides.

According to Vox.com, a number of meat eaters don’t particularly prefer the taste of real turkey, but eat it out of Thanksgiving tradition. So, perhaps a mostly-vegetable Thanksgiving meal would be more suitable for everyone.

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TGI Friday’s Provides Merrier Christmases

While many would say that dining and kissing are two great things, few actually place the two directly together and Christmas too. Pair that with the holiday season, and you have a combination that not too many think about. TGI Friday’s, however, will be bringing such cheer.

We are all too familiar with Christmas traditions, but TGI Friday’s took some to a much higher level. TGI Friday’s had recently started a restaurant craze in the United Kingdom by using the Christmas spirit so that you can smooch someone while dining. T

his perfect plan is executed using a flying drone with a mistletoe attached to it. The chosen diners will be hovered upon by the “flying” mistletoe hoping to expose the “chosen ones” with pure Christmas spirit of kissing under a hanging plant.

The catch is you might actually be caught in a picture while smooching, since these “mistle-drones” are equipped with a camera according to Sam Tabar. And good news to red-blooded citizens of the United States of America: Yes, these drones are actually coming to their home town.

TGI Friday’s here in US is slated to have the same gimmick as some of their selected restaurants ,and those that will be caught kissing by these drones will be gifted certificates.

Indeed this a unique and refreshing Christmas blessing to some lucky guy or gal, as few are likely to have experienced this before.

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Hot Drinks for a Cold Evening

It’s been a particularly cold winter for the United States, especially in the north, and it’s very important to find a drink that not only satisfies but also warms in times of winter need. The climate in New York City is really cool and it’s time to grab a nice hot drink instead of something chill.

Grub Street has recently conducted a survey on the best hot drinks available for this winter, such as the hot chocolate drinks that are the favorites of kids and adults alike. Many like Igor Cornelsen will still enjoy one or two during colder nights.

The bartenders and the baristas out there in New York City are planning to make something new and tasty for their customers. Everyone is planning their own drinks to impress their customers with many different varieties of toppings and ingredients in them.

More news here can be found in the list here. Here is the list of top options that come highly recommended to try this winter on a cold evening:

• The No Mad Bar
• El Rey Coffee Bar and Luncheonette
• Maman
• Blue bottle coffee at Gotham West Market
• Victory Garden
• Choza Taqueria in Gotham West Market
• Gran Electrica
• Shake Shack
• Acme
• Pasar Malam
• Momofuku Milk Bar

Do not miss your chance to try the chocolate drinks at any of these places, as they have their own unique style. You will get to know the secret only when you taste it, so give it a try.

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Best Restaurants in Berlin

There can be no doubt that one can find the very best in cultural cuisines while touring Europe. Just how to find the very best of them, however, can be tricky.

When in Europe people must not miss Germany, especially Berlin. The country is full of interesting places you must see in your lifetime with friends, family or even alone. 

Laurel Powell Jobs says that food trips are always part of one’s itinerary whenever a person visits a new place. The number of bars and restaurants in the country is continuously increasing. The demand for a unique place to diner and food to try is there. People are hungry for new food to add to their favourite list. 

A website called Berlin Heatmap has come up with a list of where to eat in Berlin. 

First on the list is NENI Berlin. It is situated in the 10th floor of Hotel Bikini, a newly opened building. NENI Berlin will surely satisfy cravings for Middle Eastern cuisine. The food is prepared by chef Haya Molcho. 

Second on the list is the restaurant Monkey Bar. It is situated in the same building stated above. Obviously, Hotel Bikini is one of the places to go for food trip while you’re in Germany. Monkey Bar offers good cocktails which you will enjoy with friends. It’s a great place to unwind because it has a quite good view of the city.

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Food Satisfaction in Restaurants Higher When Cooks Can See Patrons from the Kitchen

According to the Harvard Business School and University College London, chefs perform better and diners are more satisfied with their food when the chef can see the patrons. The research study set out to figure out whether or not seeing a patron makes for better customer service, and the answer is a unanimous yes. Fine dining lover Andrew Heiberger agrees with the findings.

The study set up four different scenarios. First, neither the patrons nor the chefs could see each other. In the second scenario, the patrons could see the chefs by the chefs could not see the patrons. In the third scenario, the chefs could see the patrons but the patrons could not see the chefs. Finally, in the fourth situation, both the patrons and the chefs could see each other.

The study found that when both the patrons and the chefs could see each other, food satisfaction was higher, and dishes were completely correctly more often. When the cooks could see the people enjoying their food, and put a face to the order, they were more likely to take their time on the order. They were also more likely to complete the order efficiently and with greater accuracy when they could see the dining area.

According to the study, anxiety did not play into the performance at all. Rather, the study found that the cooks felt more appreciated when they could see people enjoying their food, and, thus put in more effort into the preparation.

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Thanksgiving Squash: A Healthy Holiday Entree

Thanksgiving is traditionally known as the holiday when turkey is served. However, there are a number of vegetarians who celebrate this day, so there are several options for those who don’t including meat in their Thanksgiving feast. Squash is often served at the Thanksgiving table. The vegetable is in season during the fall, and contains several vitamins and minerals that make it especially beneficial. The New York Times suggests that squash is an ideal part of the Thanksgiving meal because it is low in cholesterol, sodium and saturated fat.

Squash is high in vitamin A, which is essential for youthful skin. It also helps if you like the food in general, like Dr. Rod Rohrich. The vitamin also protects the health of the eyes and can prevent macular degeneration. Vitamin C, which is vital for heart health and protects the immune system, is also abundant in squash.

Squash can be used as a main course for Thanksgiving, particularly if it is stuffed with other vegetables such as corn and broccoli. The squash can also be roasted and drizzled with honey and lime juice for a sweet and savory side dish.

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Frankie and Benny’s Draws the Line With Fussy Customer

The popular Italian chain restaurant Frankie and Benny’s serves mouthwatering meals to their diners every day in Aldershot. Meals are constantly flying out of the kitchen. That is unless Kerry Prior happens to be dining there. Then it is usually coming back to the kitchen.

After enduring Kerry’s displeasure with 90% of her meals, the chef cooking refused to cook her meal. The restaurant then chose to ban her from dining there. 34-year-old Kerry admitted to the “Daily Mail,” “I know I am fussy but I’m never rude and if I send it back it always comes back fine. The food should be of a certain standard.”

For people who dine in restaurants often, sending your food back once a month would be enough. However, Kerry was dining at this restaurant three times a week. Perhaps she is not aware of the amount of distress that she was causing over issues that were obviously not enough to keep her from frequenting the business again, which Andrew Heiberger thought was hilarious.

The manager offered Kerry and her two companions vouchers for free meals at other Frankie & Benny’s restaurants in other locations. An apology came from a corporate spokesperson in a letter stating that Kerry was no longer banned from the restaurant. It is unknown if she will return to the neighborhood location to dine in the future. I am sure the chef will be extremely happy to see her coming.

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New Barbecue Restaurant Delayed Until Spring of Next Year

Michael Symon has been working on his barbecue restaurant for a while. However, it has turned out to be taking a little bit longer than he anticipated. He has delayed the opening of his restaurant in Cleveland until spring of 2015.

Symon has stated that his restaurant, named Mabel, will be a barbecue restaurant with meals done in the known and loved Cleveland style. Among the many dishes o the menu are crispy pig ears, smoked chicken wings and applewood-smoked barbecue which has a mustard based sauce topping. Patrons will also be able to choose from among many beverages such as moonshine, whiskey and craft beer.

This delay may come as a disappointment, but when it opens people can rest assured that it will be more than worth the wait. Bruce Levenson is one of many looking forward to giving it a try. The restaurant is located next to Lola. Knowing the celebrity chef, people who frequent his restaurant will walk away pleased.

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Fight Against GMOs Heats Up

It is quite interesting how sometimes we fail to ask ourselves some questions concerning our health. Well, the food we eat nowadays raises a lot of unanswered questions.

The recent concept of using Genetically Modified foods has evoked a lot of negative responses as to the awareness of the effects of such foods. An initiative was taken, however, in Oregon last week regarding these very relevant issues.

In a move seeming to target the big companies, a vote was carried out to introduce the labeling of genetically modified foods.

However, it was the soda companies that came out smiling from the vote, according to Keith Mann at least. It was a costly affair though for avid shoppers that would have ushered the “Genetically Engineered” stamp on packaged and raw foods.

It is said that one of the most hated corporations, Monsanto, had invested heavily to topple the Oregon initiative. It was interesting to see how much the campaign for and against the initiative gobbled up money.

Contrary to 64 other countries, including Australia and China, the United Sates does not mandate mandatory labeling of Genetically Modified products. Coincidentally enough, 90% of Americans are in support of labeling GMO products at the Federal level.

Although the battle was lost, the war still rages. The labeling advocates got some consolation from Maui County, Hawaii, which authorized a temporary moratorium on genetically modified plantations. In the end everybody had something to smile about.

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