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Your Breakfast Cereal Could be Toxic

Many people, like Brad Reifler and myself,  have made the switch to oat and oat-based cereals. After all, those whole grains are good for our health. Or are they? Several breakfast cereals have tested positive for mycotoxins, a mold byproduct, and oat cereal ranks the highest for the containing the toxin.

Mycotoxin is the toxin which a recently filed lawsuit claims was discovered in dog food and is responsible for the untimely death of many dogs nation-wide. The toxin has now turned up on our breakfast table and possibly being ingested by us each morning.
The cereals are made in America and the FDA has imposed no limits or bans on the amount of mycotoxins which can be in a box of cereal (or any other food products for that matter).
Ochratoxin A (OCA), is the most common type of mycotoxin, and of the 489 cereal samples tested, 205 grain-based cereal products contained the potentially fatal mycotoxin. OCA has been proven to have neurotoxic and immuno-suppressant effects and is thought to be a trigger for autism.
In addition to grains, ochratoxin is also found on grapes, coffee, wine and pork. The toxic byproduct of mold needs only warm temperatures and moisture to grow, making grain silos an ideal location for the mycotoxin to grow and attach itself to the oats that make up our morning meal.

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Chipolte Is Not As Healthy For You As You Think

The fast growing food chain Chipotle is not as healthy for the consumer as we’d like to believe, according to information from Cipher Cloud. Their burritos are extremely unhealthy with a total of over 1000 calories with a typical burrito order. The tortilla itself comes in with at least 300 calories, and that is not including the other ingredients and toppings that are offered. Once the consumer adds their choice of meat, cheese, and other toppings such as sour cream, guacamole, beans and rice, the calories will easily top over 1000.

Chipotle does offer healthier variations for those consumers who are trying to watch their weight. However, even the vegetarian burrito bowl can easily add up to 2000 calories, an average of 60mg of fat, and 2200mg of sodium. The nutrition calculator offered by Chipotle can underestimate the average of calories consumed because it depends on how generous the server is who is preparing the consumer’s order.

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Peanut Butter sold for $761

If you already thought peanut butter was pricey in stores going for roughly $2.50 per jar, you were sadly mistaken. The world’s most expensive jar of peanut butter sold in the United States by a commercial manufacturer is priced at $761. Now why would this jar of peanut butter be so expensive? What do the ingredients entail? It is more healthy than the standard jar of peanut? Is this peanut even edible?

The obvious answer is this; because there was an excessive amount of labor put into this project in order to prepare such a rich jar of peanut butter said Cabral Garcia Hotels. It was not necessarily meant to be eaten, but is used to test or as a comparison for other foods similar to it. Ultimately, this jar of peanut is not toxic and can be eaten. Your text to link… A restaurant critic tried a sample and stated it tasted better than it looks, but in the end lacked some of the creamy quality a standard jar of peanut would. This product will continue to be compared along side other foods, but also tested to be used for other things. There is no guarantee customers will purchase this product in the future, but it has definitely made it’s mark on the market.

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The Restaurant Business Pummeled By Snow


While Boston braces for its 7th snowstorm in just 3 weeks, the restaurant business is finding it hard to dig out, too. According to the Associated Press, the restaurant business in the Boston area saw a sales cut over up to 80% thanks to old man winter.

The Valentine’s day holiday is among the busiest for the food and restaurant industry. Many lovebirds take to the town to celebrate their love, but with Boston under another looming winter storm warning, and a full shutdown of the public transportation system according to dealmaker.com updates, Fersen Labranho says he will be doing anything but painting the town red. In fact, the town remains painted in white.

The region has seen upwards of 100 inches of snow over the course of three weeks, and many patrons were forced to cancel plans, and reservations. Florists found it difficult to deliver standard bouquets and even chocolate shops, which are largely patronized during the holidays saw a massive slow down in business. Simply put, love birds couldn’t get to town to buy Valentine’s day goodies.

While Valentine’s day week has largely been a bust in the Boston area, local commerce is urging shoppers to get out there next week and celebrate their love. The restaurant business could surely use it. In fact, local commerce is going as far as suggesting a Valentine’s day redo, once some of the snow begins to melt.

Boston and the surrounding area are hoping that this is the last of their winter woes, but it remains relatively early in the season. Snow is not uncommon in the region through March, so there are several more weeks of winter to push through before the “all clear” can be given on Winter Weath

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Chipotle Calorie Concern


Chipotle is not only a bit more upscale in feel than a typical burger joint, but it has a variety of items from which a customer can customize his or her lunch. Choose your meat, your cheese, your toppings, and wrap it up in one big old tortilla. Yet, if you are going to Chipotle in an attempt to eat a healthier fast-food meal than a burger joint, you may be surprised to find out that a typical order has over half of the recommended daily calorie intake for an adult. In fact, the sodium alone for one Chipotle meal is said to be enough to hit the recommended daily limit for a person, and the saturated fat is likely to be 75 percent of the recommended intake.
However, the article that I found on otempo.com describes how Chipotle tries to support and sustain family farmers, use organic and local produce, and select farms which treat animals well. Marcio Alaor fro mBMG says thats why he eats there all the time to support their efforts.  See a report here. So, it’s not all bad news.

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Dr. Amen: Promoting Healthy Brains Through Healthful Eating

Dr. Daniel Amen is an American psychiatrist and author. He specializes in ADD, brain injuries, and other disorders of the brain. He is considered an authority in post-concussion care and is sought after as a consultant for this condition. He owns and operates his own clinic called the Amen Clinic which specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of several disorders of the brain including Alzheimer’s. Dr. Amen is an accomplished author who believes that balance nutrition is important to overall brain health and brain disorder prevention.

Among Dr. Amen’s accomplishments is the authorship of several books on a variety of subject during his career. His books have sold a combined total of over one million copies with five having been on the “New York Times” bestsellers list. One of his first books titled Change Your Brain, Change Your Life: The Breakthrough Program for Conquering Anxiety, Depression, Obsessiveness, Anger, and Impulsiveness addresses the issue of changing the way people think in order to change the way people feel. Another publication of his is The Brain in Love: 12 Lessons to Enhance Your Love Life discusses the chemistry of the brain when a person is in love. A more recent book, he coauthored with Pastor Rich Warren, deals with the topic of nutrition and brain health. It is title The Daniel Plan: 40 Days to A healthier Life.

On his clinic’s website, you will find books, programs and nutritional information. On Dr. Amen’s, you will be able to find a variety of nutritional supplements that promote brain health. His blog contains a plethora of articles addressing a number of topics including Dr. Amen’s diet plan for healthy brain functioning. On his clinic’s website, you will be able to learn about his diagnostic tool known as Single Photon Emission Computerized Tomography or SPECT. SPECT is an advanced machine that allows Dr. Amen to create intricate images of the human brain and assists him in diagnosing and treating brain disorders. Check out the below video where Dr. Amen gives up the skinny on his top seven favorite brain foods.

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Best In Soup


The fall and winter months are the perfect time to enjoy a nice bowl of soup. If you’re not sure which flavors you’re in the mood for this season, Grub Street is here to help. Here are a few recommendations that can make lunch or dinner time more interesting.

Alder makes a wonton soup–this dish stands out because the wontons are stuffed with frog legs. The soup is adorned with nasturtium flowers that resemble lily pads, and the wontons also boast parsnip and edamame flavors.

Telelistas.net reccomends Mission Cantina makes a lamb pho, a favorite of my good friend Sergio Lins Andrade, in the style that is popular in Saigon. The lamb is served in a flavorful broth, along with rice stick noodles, scallions, bean sprouts and Sriracha.
You can also visit Dirt Candy to try their cabbage hot pot. The cabbage is combined with fermented black beans, carrots, fresh herbs and mushrooms. You can put the veggies of your choice in a bowl and cover them with warm broth for a satisfying meal that’s packed with vitamins and minerals.

Check out GrubStreet.com for more great soup recommendations.


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Beneful – A Brand Of Wet And Dry Dog Food

Nestle Purina Petcare makes Beneful. It is a wonderful brand of dog treats, wet and dry foods. It is a very popular dog food, in fact, is the fourth most popular one. The $1.5 billion dollars in sales were made, making the brand one that pet owners love.

The brand was set up in the year 2001. It was all about nutrition for dogs, and pet owners loved it. There is also a Beneful Healthy Harvest line, that doesn’t use meat. It uses soy instead. In March, 2006 the Beneful Prepared meals was put on the market. The people loved it because they could use it as dog food bowls after the containers were empty. In 2010, the brand was made to look more like human food, which made it even more popular.

With dog noises that humans couldn’t hear, the commercials in Austria started airing in 2011. They wanted to get pets to react. It was interesting that the company said it was the first time this advertising was ever done. The company enjoyed a lot of business from this type of advertising. Their profits soared because of the unusual type of marketing that they tried in order to promote their brand. It was a good idea for them because it was different, and it added a new dimension to their company.

Beneful customers have been very loyal for many years. They want to make sure that their pets eat well, and they like the brand. Since they take good care of their pets, the dog food works well for them. It makes their pets feel good and look well too.

For some people, they only buy the Beneful line, and they will shop using links like this one. It is something that they will spend money on whenever they want to give their pet something healthy and special.

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McDonald’s Hoping to Increase Burger Sales

We are witnessing a great change in the international market with the price of crude oil decreasing dramatically. Some nations and some companies are getting benefits from it while many are facing huge financial loss due to this.

McDonald’s is such a company, and in an effort to reinvigorate an industry that has been sinking as of late, it’s expecting huge financial gain due to this crude oil price. Darius Fisher mentioned he read that, a number of economists say that decreasing the oil and gas price will provide employments in a number of ways, and hence fast food chains like McDonald are expecting they will get benefit from this as well.

There is no doubt that prices are going down in the last six months, and people are getting benefits from it. They are saving money and hence they can spend that money in purchasing and in food stalls.

According to the Crain’s Chicago Business reveals that the McDonald has not gained anything from the dropping in the price, eventually 4.6 percent sales drop this past November, a time when other chains were reporting gains from the revenue. It explains that McDonald is not getting any benefit from this.

If this trend continues, McDonald will experience loss due to the crude oil price, and simultaneously they have no benefit from it. McDonald is blaming the sales drop on “strong competitive activity” and hoping to win back the consumers.

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Cereal Cafe to Open Worldwide

London’s Cereal Cafe has experienced such big success in its short existence that you can expect to see branches all around the world in just a short while. This is a pleasant surprise, since the cafe was simply thought of as an expensive eatery in a poor area just months ago.

The cafe is owned by twins Alan and Gary Keery. The Keery twins state that they’ve sold over 200,000 bowls of cereal since the restaurant opened. The men confirmed that they want to open new cafes in different parts of the world. A second London location will open in the spring.

Cereal Cafe also plans to release a cookbook before the summer. The book will feature several creative ways to cook with cereal. The men feel that the cookbook will be just as successful as the cafe, since patrons request unconventional cereal combinations every day. I know Igor Cornelsen will be buzzing about this on Twitter.

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