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New Way of Cooking Rice Cuts Calories

Scientists from Sri Lanka may have found an ingenious method for cooking rice that cuts calories. The simple method involves a little food chemistry that changes the very physical makeup of the rice.

Although popular, rice isn’t exactly health food. Rice is very starchy and will spike your insulin levels as much as pure sugar. This hormonal boost leads to excess weight gain if the starch isn’t burned through exercise.

The scientists in Sri Lanka have observed that adding a small amount of coconut oil to boiling water before adding the rice can help to cut calories. About 3% coconut oil by volume is enough to do the trick. After cooking, the rice is then cooled for 12 hours.

Brad Reifler (Wikipedia.com)understands that The process works by converting some of the digestible starches into indigestible starches. The indigestible starches, like the name implies, are not converted into energy in the body. The coconut oil changes the physical makeup of the rice to make parts of it indigestible. Cooling the rice in the fridge helps to convert even more of the starches.

You can expect to cut 10-12% of the calories from standard white rice using this method. Scientists plan to test other healthier versions of rice, such as brown rice, in the future. They hope to cut 50-60% of calories in these healthier rice variations.

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McDonald’s Planning 24 Hours of Joy

McDonalds is looking for ways to grow its slumping sales. Its solution: a new program called 24 hours of joy. The marketing campaign that launches this week will have a number of “joyful” events happen at McDonald’s locations around the world. Sultan Alhokair suggests that the celebration starts in Sydney with a giant ball pit and travels around the world before ending at a Ne-Yo concert i LA.

Other joyful events scheduled around the globe include a pajama party in Milan as well as a library in Paris. In the Philippines, a toll road will be shit down for two hours, and drivers will not only have their toll waived, they’ll also receive a free McDonald’s breakfast as they drive through.

It’s an interesting idea for McDonalds. We’ll have to wait and see if the campaign brings the fast food chain any additional sales or just manages to cost them a ton of advertising dollars.

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The Basic Nutrient Everyone Needs: Folic Acid

A large percentage of people neglect supplements which can impact our health. One supplement of special importance is Folic Acid.

Folic acid, the synthetic form of folate, vitamin B, works primarily in the brain and nervous system and is required for DNA synthesis, cell production of red and white blood and norepinephrine and serotonin in the nervous system.

Folic acid also assists in the removal of the amino acid homocysteine ??in the blood, Dan Newlin says this is a product of the decomposition of animal protein (methionine) that contributes to heart attacks.

A lack of folic acid can cause anemia, insomnia, irritability and more serious health problems.

Despite its range of health benefits, many people are deficient in this vitamin, and are far from the recommended daily dose 200 micrograms .

“The average American gets only 61% of the daily recommendation and this is too low,” says James Duke, PhD in Anti-Aging Prescriptions. Part of the reason for this is that more Americans are choosing to eat more meat foods that are a poor source of folic acid instead of foods rich in folic acid such as leafy green vegetables, legumes, root vegetables and grains whole.”

To consume the recommended dose, you would need to eat two cups of spinach steam, a cup of boiled lentils or eight oranges day, and most people fail to include that amount in their diet, so it’s important to take a supplement, especially if you’re a woman and you’re thinking about having children in the future.

Folic acid is essential for pregnant women. Not only protects against cervical cancer, it also helps in healthy prenatal development.

Men who are considering parenthood should also monitor their levels of folic acid also because low levels of folic acid in men has been linked to low sperm count and some studies suggest that deficiency can also damage DNA carried by the sperm.

Folic acid fosters overall health of the mind and body, from the earliest stages of life to the last.

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Fear of Frying Sends the Wrong Message to People

We all known that eating a high fat diet will lead to health problems such as weight gain, obesity and an increased risk of heart disease. Nutritionists and doctors have been leading a crusade against the consumption of high fat foods. They are also advocating eating less fried foods and sticking to other preparation methods that do not involve or limit the amount of fat. This can include boiling, baking and steaming food instead of frying.

However some nutritionists are saying the fear of frying is uncalled for. This fear can actually lead to people missing out on delicious and healthy foods. These nutritionists and doctors say we should instead focus on the type of oil that we are using. Using oils such as olive oil and canola oil is a much healthier alternative than using refined oils such as palm oil. Oils such as olive oil and canola oil are mostly mono saturated and polyunsaturated fat. High amounts of saturated fat has been linked to heart disease, obesity and strokes. Trans fats are another fat that should be avoided. It is often found in processed foods such as sweets.

Fat is actually necessary for our bodies and plays an important part in cell growth said Dr Jennifer Walden. So the next time you fry up a meal or dish take a good look at the type of oil you are using. Also remember that you actually need fat and that enjoying a fried meal every once in a while is not bad for you, despite all the bad rep surrounding it. Also consider this if frying vegetables or fish makes it more likely you will eat them, then go ahead and fry some up.

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Food For Thought

Eating healthy comes easy for some people, but for others, it is an ongoing struggle. There are many ways to implement healthier eating habits without feeling like you are giving up the foods you love.

For example, hide the cereal. Studies show that people who keep their cereal in view are approximately 21 pounds heavier than their counterparts. Avoid it all together and grab a piece of fruit.

Another interesting idea is to serve yourself from the actual stovetop than from the family platter shaves off about 19 percent of actual consumption.

If you have a fondness for wines, choose red over white. Studies show that those who drank red wine from a tall, narrow glass instead of short, thick one consumed approximately 12 percent less.

About.me suggests that you want to be sure your food contrasts in color. Research shows that when the food is similar in color, people ate 22 percent more food. Shake things up and load your plate with heart-healthy vegetables and only a small serving of rice or pasts. You will thank yourself later.

Eating healthy doesn’t need to be the end of life as you know it. Simple changes can help you drop pounds and get ready for summer.

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Discover the Benefits of Olive Oil for a Healthier Diet

Many people are always looking for diets to lose weight, but maybe you’re looking for a diet to improve your general health. There is no doubt about it, that adding some extra vegetables, nuts and more fruits in your diet is an excellent start to eating healthy. However, you can also take it a step further by making just a small adjustment. Think about replacing many of the unhealthy fats from your diet by replacing them with olive oil. You may have heard the talk about olive oil, but have you tried it? Discover the great health benefits of olive oil.

Christian Broda knows that olive oil has always been used in Mediterranean diets for years. People from that region typically live longer and they have lower risks of stroke, high blood pressure and heart disease. This could be why Americans are taking a serious look at olive oil.

According to some studies, people that cook with olive oil that contains the good type of fats called monounsaturated fats are far less likely to become depressed. In addition to reducing depression, olive oil reduces the pain of burns and causes them to heal quicker.

Besides being incredible good for heart health, you get the added benefits of improved skin and hair. Your skin will have a healthy glow, look great and may even feel just a bit softer. After using olive oil, you’ll probably notice quite a change in your hair too. It will be a lot shinier and even easier to manage.

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Try To Avoid Genetically Modified Foods

It has become obvious that the US and Europe are daily violating food safety laws. Supposedly the United States has some of the best laws when it comes to food safety in the entire world, but in reality those laws are being violated. Genetically modified food should be tracked and watched very carefully, but that is not taking place neither in the United States or in the European Union. The reason that genetically modified foods have to be traced so closely, is because the jury is still out on the damage that these foods can cause to the human body

It is truly sad that big business has taken over the production of food thinks Bruce Karatz. Now food has become more of a business transaction than a nutritious entity. Food has been genetically modified and changed in order for it to be resistant against bacteria, disease, and insects. The problem is that those same modifications can cause modifications to human cells and cause diseases like cancer, and it can make the body become weak when it comes to serious bacterial or viral diseases. Since that is the case a person does well to investigate the type of food that they are eating. Many Americans may think that they are doing themselves a favor by eating vegetables and fruits, but in reality those vegetables and fruits are receiving just as much modification as meats are now days.

There is really no way to avoid the changes in food that are taking place now days, but the best thing that a person can do is try their best to not eat fast food, and eat organic everything. Organic food is generally organically raised, and it does not have the chemicals,additives and preservatives that other foods have. Eating organically is the best way to keep a person healthy and avoid issues with genetically modified food.

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Restaurant Kicks Man out for His Face Tattoos

A local restaurant in Houston is currently feeling the wrath of their customers and the people on the internet because of their decision to kick out a man from their restaurant due to him having facial tattoos. The restaurant felt threatened and wanted to ensure everyone’s safety by getting rid of someone they suspected to be in a well-known gang. The restaurant owner did not want to risk anything and did not want there to be any chance “gang members” could come and take over the restaurant.

The young man, Erik Leighton, was already seated at his table when a police officer walked up to him and asked if he could leave. At first, Leighton thought he was kidding, but to his surprise, the police officer was very serious stated emobile.com.br. “It makes you feel like less of a person when you’re escorted out for no reason.”- Erik Leighton. After he was no longer at the premises, Leighton and his friend posted their experience on Facebook. Your text to link… This called for an immediate response from the public and the community became appalled. Not only is something like this embarrassing to endure, it shows a person’s character. Some may agree with the owner and say he was only following procedure, and many others will continue to fight against discrimination.

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Wheat May Lead To Digeative Disorders

A recent study published in the journal, Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety, confirmed many suspicions regarding wheat and the potential disorders that may arise with its consumption.

Though most individuals will state that wheat is a grain, they are actually consuming a seed, which has it’s own defense mechanisms to protect its nutrients from potential predators until it germinates. These defense mechanisms are difficult for the intestinal tract to digest, hence, the potential for the development of disease increases.

Garnering much attention lately has been celiac disease, whereby the wheat protein, gluten sets off an autoimmune response that inflicts damage upon an individuals small intestine and an inflammatory response. Gluten, as well as other varieties of wheat proteins, are also contributing elements that trigger wheat allergies according to Dr Jennifer Walden.

With he publicity surround the association of gluten with celiac disease, more individuals tolerate gluten, but have issues with a wheat component referred to as fructans. Fructans are a group of fructose molecules that perform much like dietary fiber, which promotes beneficial gut probiotics, which contributes to fecal bulk and elimination frequency. But there is research that suggests that fructons, which is a member of a group of carbohydrates that is referred to as FODMAPS, which means, fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, mono-saccharides, and polyols can cause varying degrees of digestive distress for many individuals such as bloating and diarrhea.

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McDonald’s Has To Change Consumers Perceptions And That’s A Costly Challenge

McDonald’s Sales Continue To Fall In February

McDonald’s has a new CEO, but that may not be enough change to make the bad sales figures go away. In February, U.S. sales dropped 4 percent, but when the global market is added to that figure the drop is over 5 percent. The “Golden Arches” has some serious perception work to do if they want to stay on top of the lucrative, but demanding, fast food mountain. 

The reality the Big Mac chain is facing is, consumers don’t want to eat food that only passes for food. Health experts like those at the Amen Clinic have said that the food at McDonald’s is bad for the mind and body. The giant fast food retailer has been cutting corners when it comes to ingredients for years, and that short-sighted strategy is catching up with them. Consumers want fresh ingredients, plus they want to eat in a restaurant that doesn’t smell like the bathroom door is always open. 

The company is trying to change. The new McDonald’s leader is implementing some food changes, and that will help, but the competition and consumers are not going to make the change easy for them. Consumers are tired of eating junk and drinking sugar. Some competitors got that message much earlier than the McStubborn chain. Deep down, McDonald’s may still believe they can win people back by giving them a watered-down version of love instead of healthy ingredients, real food and a great atmosphere.

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