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McDonalds is Going to Make it’s Quarter Pounders Bigger

If you are like most Americans, you probably expected that that a quarter pounder from McDonalds actually has a beef patty that weighs a quarter pound. But like many things in the fast food industry, there is very little truth in advertising, and the patty on a quarter pounder is far from being a quarter pound. In fact, as McDonald’s spokespeople have long contended, the quarter pound refers to the amount of beef that is used before it is cooked. While misleading to the average consumer, it is not all that unusual for a burger joint to measure the meat before it is cooked because waiting until afterward can get a little handy.

But McDonald’s must have seen a problem with the size of the patties on the quarter pounder, because afterdiscovering that average size of a cooked patty was 2.8 ounces, they decided to up the amount of meat in a quarter pounder from 4 oz ( a quarter pound) to 4.25 oz (a little more than a quarter pound). The name won’t be accurate anymore, but if current trends are any indication, that won’t matter much to consumers. Beefier seems to be better, with chains like Hardees’ offering a popular burger that is a half pound. There doesn’t seem to be any particular reason why McDonalds has decide to increase the size of it’s burger, with the possible exception of wanting to compete with bigger burgers.

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Wikipedia Editing Protocols


When you are sitting down to a make Wikipedia article, you need to follow the protocols that are required for these articles. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that has more information than you could imagine. However, every single article is edited to make sure that it is worthy of even a print encyclopedia. These articles need to read as though they were all written by a graduate student, and you want to follow these protocols to make sure that the articles read properly. You can start by looking at GetYourWiki.com

Start Making A List

You need to start making a list of all the resources that you use to edit the article. You have to search out news articles and scholarly articles that are going to help you verify facts. That list is going to go at the bottom of the article so that you will be able to show all readers where you got your information. Many people who write articles on Wikipedia do not use these sources, but you need to go find them.

Change Inaccurate Information

When you find inaccurate information in the article, you need to make sure that you change it or delete it. You can change the wording in the article to make sure that it reads well, but you can also change the facts to read properly. Some people write things that they believe are correct, but these items often need to be checked for accuracy.

When you go into the editing process, you want to follow these two steps to make the article read properly. You should also check on the credit for all the photos that are used. When you cover these few items, you will be able to create an article that can be published on Wikipedia. However, you need to be careful to make sure that it is perfect before you do so.

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What’s in Your Bottle of Ranch Dressing? Over 8,000 Cases of Wish-Bone Ranch Dressing Recalled

If you recently bought a bottle of Wish-Bone ranch salad dressing, you may have gotten more than you bargained for. Blue cheese dressing has been inadvertently put into some bottles labeled as ranch dressing and Pinnacle Foods Group LLC has recalled close to 9,000 cases of the product.
While you may be a fan of both types of dressing and find the mix-up to be no big deal, for people with food allergies it could be a big deal. A life-threatening deal.
According to James Dondero, Wish-Bone’s blue cheese dressing contains eggs, that is not stated on the mis-labeled bottle of ranch dressing because that product does not contain eggs. A person with a food allergy that includes eggs could be placed in jeopardy if they ate blue cheese dressing.
The recalled bottles of Wish-Bone ranch dressing are the 24 ounce size and have the ‘best if used by’ date of Feb. 17, 2016. If you have purchased a bottle of this mis-labeled dressing, return it to the store where it was purchased for a full refund.

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Subway Celebrates 50 Year Anniversary In Unorthodox Way

It is hard to remember Subway before their famous five dollar foot long song and deal. Before that they were just a basic fast food deli chain. All of the bread was cold because the company had not yet brought in the toasters to add new texture and melt the cheeses. Subway actually goes back 50 years now and to celebrate this major landmark anniversary the sandwich eatery has named a street after themselves. The current name for is Bic Street and it will soon become Sub Way. What a fun play on words. In other Subway news, they have announced that they will begin the process of ridding their foods from artificial ingredients. Keeping food natural with easily recognizable ingredients is a growing trend and for good reason says Cláudio Loureiro Heads on linkedin. A handful of other restaurants are performing similar changes to their menu in an effort to win back customers who have strayed over the years and recruit some new ones as well. Subway has lasted half a century now, they must be doing something right.

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General Mills Says Goodbye to Artificial Colors and Flavors

Finally, Sam Tabar says General Mills has decided to eliminate artificial colors and flavors from its cereals. Goodbye, red dye 40. Adios, yellow dye 6. Au revoir, blue dye 1.

Instead, the company will use natural flavors and colors from fruits, vegetables, and vanilla. The challenge for General Mills is to create a cereal that not only taste good, but is also appealing. Trix, for example, won’t have every color in the rainbow as it did previously. The colors blue and green have been cut. Apparently, there’s no natural alternative to blue and green that taste good with milk. Still, with these two colors removed, General Mills claims there won’t be a difference in taste.

In any event, General Mills has chosen to listen to consumers who say they want more natural, authentic foods. The company has already eliminated artificial colors from more than 60% of its cereals. By the end of 2017, all of General Mills cereals will be 100% natural.

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All Day Breakfast at McDonalds

When it comes to the food that McDonalds serves they have great options available throughout the day and they have people coming in at any hour to get one of their food options. It seems that McDonalds offers all that one could want from a fast food chain, but they are looking to gain more fans.

McDonalds is changing things up a bit by offering all day breakfast options in participating locations. The chain has expanded this offering to include three more cities. This option allows fans of McDonalds to get any of the foods that they love throughout the day, including their breakfast favorites stated Sergio Cortes. This leads one to wonder if perhaps McDonalds would one day switch things up to offer their daytime options during breakfast hours. There are some who would love to have French fries or a burger in the morning hours and who would appreciate a switch like that.

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FDA Bans Trans-fat in Three Years

After much research and contemplation, the Food and Drug Administration has decided to ban trans-fat. Food companies and restaurants have to remove trans-fat from their food and meals within the next three years. Trans-fats are being banned because it promotes coronary heart disease.

Although food labels must post the contents of trans-fat, you may be consuming more than you know. Trans-fat is used in a variety of foods such as:

• Margarine
• Frosting
• Doughnuts
• Pies
• Popcorn
• Fried Foods
• Shortening

Facts About Trans-fats according to business executive Shaygan Kheradpir:

• Trans-fats are created by pumping hydrogen into vegetable oils to turn them into semi-solids or solids.

• Trans-fats became very popular during the 1970’s when it was used to create margarine.

• Manufactures enjoy the benefits of trans-fats that have an exceptionally long shelf life and are very cheap to produce.

Most people are unaware that trans-fats were introduced into our diets as far back as 1911. At that time, it was primarily used in hydrogenated vegetable oils, shortening and pie making.

Starting in 2006, food manufacturers were required to list trans-fat on their labels. After trans-fat was included onfood labels and received much press coverage about the dangers of trans-fat, the American public has reduced their consumption. It is believed that consumption has decreased by as much as 78 percent from 2003 to 2012.

If you have concerns about clogged arteries and heart health, it may be worth the time to check labels and change your diet.

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Kentucky Fried Rat?

When one is eating at KFC one doesn’t expect to be served the highest quality chicken in the world, but you do expect chicken. When eating at KFC you expect to get some greasy chicken that is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. You don’t ask for a whole lot from KFC, but you do ask for chicken.

It seems that one customer of the chain is claiming to have received something that was not chicken at all said the Art Market Monitor. One customer is very disgusted after they were given something that resembles a whole different kind of food. It seems that one customer of KFC was given what appears to be a deep fried rat. This individual took a picture of the food item that was served to them, and that image has gone viral. This disgusting photo hints at the fact that KFC may have failed one of their customers, and this could be the end of the restaurant. When asking for chicken, no one wants a rat in its place.

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Loco’l In Testing Phase For Fast Food Healthy Style Menu

Fast food does not have to be unhealthy. This point is being promoted by the aggressive efforts of Chef Roy Choi and Chef Daniel Patterson. This California-based duo is in the testing phase for a palate pleasing, yet cost efficient, plus a healthy menu for their new fast food restaurant Loco’l. This chain will start in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Detroit. They will compete with markets such as McDonald’s. Offerings will include frequently purchased items common to fast food, namely, burgers and breakfast sandwiches.

As mentioned in Eater, expect to find veggie burgers, which are more weighty than what you might find in a Whopper. The cooked, raw and sprouted grain patty will be offered with jack cheese, plus a grilled scallion and lime relish, add the special sauce of a mixture of tomato, garlic, onion, and gochujang and you have a gourmet burger plus a custom bun. Buns are made at the San Francisco Tartine Bakery and includes rice flour.

The beef burger, Loco’l style, will also be mixed with grains, so it is not entirely beef. Health advisers from the amen clinic say this helps defray costs and makes a better patty, health-wise. The chicken nuggets will also be made with added grains. To compete with the McNugget, there will be a 50:50 mix of chicken and fermented bulgur wheat. Much of the menu is influenced by the macrobiotic diet.

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Fast Food Rat Served At California KFC

You know that every time you go into a fast food establishment that you take a risk. For one man, the risk turned into a nightmare at a local KFC restaurant. It appears that the man got a deep fried rat instead of chicken. If that isn’t gross, I don’t know what is. The location was Wilmington, CA and the victim was Devorise Dixon. He immediately went viral with his video and stated that he was going to get a lawyer.

Dixon stated that he called KFC and took the strange looking piece of meat back into them. The manager stated that she was sorry and it was a rat, but didn’t offer to do anything further for him. The man was infuriated and called corporate. An investigation was immediately launched and KFC released a statement saying that the events that were reported to have happened cannot be substantiated. The pictures on social media certainly look real, and it looks like KFC’s famous coating on the outside. It’s all up in the air right now about this, but what about other fast food blunders in the past?

Each time you eat at one of these places you take a risk stated Beneful. Some have found roaches, spiders, hairs and God knows what else in their food. With the real problems being the fact that this stuff is mass produced and shipped in, honestly anything could be served up with the meal. To be safe, eating at home never looked better.

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