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Marcio Alaor Honored In Hometown Ceremony

Marcio Alaor, an executive of BMG bank, was honored at a special ceremony that occurred in August of 2014. This ceremony took place at the grand opening of the Food Court in his hometown of Santo Antônio do Monte, Brazil. The focus of this ceremony was for the multitude of community leaders and city members to pay tribute to Alaor for his help and continued support of his native community.

As part of the ceremony he was presented with a plaque for his hard-working efforts. Additionally, many of the community members and politicians delivered speeches about his contributions toward the economic growth of the city. Some of these speakers included the Union President as well as the Mayor of Santo Antônio do Monte.

One of the speakers at the ceremony brought up Alaor’s humble beginnings in business, as a shoe shiner, when Marcio was young. It was pointed out that the professionalism and entrepreneurial spirit of the BMG Bank executive could be drawn from this youthful enterprise; Alaor not only had learned the value of establishing good business practices early on, but also the importance of establishing solid, positive relationships with other people. These two fundamentals surely have played a role in Marcio Alaor becoming a successful businessman at BMG Bank.

The mayor of Santo Antônio do Monte, Wilmar Filho, also expressed gratitude toward the business executive’s many contributions. The mayor also said the placement of the Food Court, near the city’s former grain warehouse was especially symbolic in that the Food Court would indeed feed the community and businessmen, along with the hopes and dreams of those in the city. He also hoped that the location would be reflected upon and serve as a reminder to those in the city how far their community has come in terms of prosperity.

After all of the community leaders expressed appreciation of Alaor’s support toward the city, Alaor made his own remarks at the podium. He too conceded that his beginnings as a shoe shiner greatly influenced him in his current role as an executive at BMG Bank. Regarding the ceremony, he said that he was very much grateful to be able to have such a honor take place while he was alive since the majority of tributes are made to those who are deceased. In closing, he stressed how much he loves and values his hometown of Santo Antônio do Monte, and stated that when it comes to success in the business world, friendships and positive relationships are far more important than purchasing power.

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Hedge Fund Superstar Thinks Nigeria Will Be The Next Brazil

Ken Griffin is one of the richest people in the world, according to Forbes Magazine. Griffin is number 216 on the Forbes List with an estimated net worth of more than $6.5 billion. Griffin didn’t earn that wealth by making a lot of costly mistakes. For the last six years, everything Griffin touched has turned to gold, or in plain terms, profit. Griffin’s company, Citadel LLC according to Market Watch, is one of the wealthiest hedge fund companies in the world with more than $26 billion assets under management. Citadel, under Griffin’s direction, has invested in some risky assets, and most of them have made Citadel’s limited partners money. Even though there has been a dramatic downturn in the economies of several emerging markets around the world, Griffin and Citadel continue to collect big returns. Local bonds in Brazil are paying big returns because of high-interest rates, and there’s little chance that rate is going to drop anytime soon. The company’s investments in China are still paying decent returns, and India returns are bigger than ever, so it’s no wonder Griffin is considering an IPO in 2016. A number of investors are wondering where the next big score will be in the emerging market category, and Griffin thinks he has the answer. Nigeria. That’s right. Nigeria is not ready to take a spot in the BRICS alliance yet, but Griffin thinks the country has enormous potential even though the oil crash has had an impact on the country’s economy. Griffin said Nigerian businesses that are looking long-term will be very successful, but it may take years to realize that success in Griffin’s opinion. Investors that are looking at Nigeria aren’t looking for immediate returns, according to Griffin. There are government controls in place on foreign currency and restrictions on imports, plus the government recently imposed a $5.2 billion fine on the nation’s biggest phone company, MTN, and many investors and analysts like Griffin on Valuewalk.com say the fine was outrageously excessive. The Nigerian economy is growing, but it is not growing at the same rate it grew a couple of years ago, according to Griffin. Oil prices have had a major impact on the country’s economy. One of the bright spots in Nigeria is the age of the population. Nigeria has the largest population in Africa with more than 180 million people, and about 44 percent of those people are under the age of 15. That’s good news for long-term investors. The UK population only has 17 percent under the age of 15 and South Africa’s 15-year-old age group makes up 44 percent of that population. But in order to join the ranks of Brazil, Russia, China, India and South Africa, Nigeria must start to invest in a better infrastructure, security, more health related industries and get a government in place that understands the world economy and their role in it, according to Griffin. Griffin thinks Nigeria will accomplish all those things, and the country will get its internal act together, but Griffin thinks it may take 20 or 30 years to do it.

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Changes In The New York Real Estate Market and Who Knows It Best

NYC Luxury real estate is changing and quickly growing which in Manhattan was almost 10% in just the last three months. That is the biggest jump in that area for real estate in over six years and with approximately 20% of homes being luxury homes in Manhattan and Brooklyn, it is a great place to move to and live. This growth is expected to continue as well as the cost of rent to go up in those areas which has risen to over $3300 a month, the highest rent ever with increases being in one bedrooms since last year, which went up almost 11%. Brooklyn’s rent hasn’t risen as fast as Manhattan, which is at an all time high. People are going to have to start looking at other areas in the more Eastern and Southern areas of Brooklyn because of shortages of property. Home sales are also up and prices also going up almost 7%, with the cost of a home in Manhattan raising to almost one million dollars per home. In Brooklyn, prices have risen 9% to an all time high of almost $550,000.

The people who can help with these problems are Town Residential. They are a very well known Real Estate Firm that specializes in luxury homes in and around New York. The company was started in 2010 by Andrew Heiberger who became their Chairman of the Board as well as their Chief Executive Officer, he is joined by his protégé and co-chairman is Mr. Joseph Sitt. They not only assist their clients in buying and selling their luxury homes, but also work with clients that lease and market homes and developing properties. They are considered the best in the industry in their class and set the standard for excellence in real estate.

Their team are the most experienced and knowledgeable in the real estate game and have set the bar high for the standard for others to meet. Their team is at the top of their game and they will be the first to tell you they work hard to be the best and leave no room for others to sneak up and take their place. Their company was voted “Best Firm To Work For” and also voted one of the “Top Fifty Best Places to Work in New York City.” This was earned because of their unprecedented devotion to their clients, always being available when they were needed, and their expertise in real estate. They handle properties at all levels and price levels and know how to find the property you want and need. They know how to market your property to sell through the media, internet, and through magazine and newspaper distribution.

Town Residential has nine different offices within the New York area making it easy for you to find an office in your area. You can meet the specialists that can assist in whatever real estate property endeavor you want help with. They have team members that can speak thirty different languages to meet any language you need to work with to accomplish your goal.

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The Real Estate Boom Through The Official 990 Sells Homes

After the great economic downturn, my wife’s designing career devolved into almost nothing. However, we revived it by delving into the world of staging homes for our real estate agent friends. We soon discovered the real estate outlook in our area never really took a hit. People were simply being cautious with their spending until they could better make sense of what was happening economically. After only a few months, real estate agents were back to selling houses. Sometimes they incurred a more increased volume of customers because the downturn did eliminate many of the agents and brokers that were in the business for the quick money and the surplus business that was prevalent during the height of the housing market.

We staged for a while until we realized the market was steady enough for us to flip some homes. We were no strangers to the process because of her designing and my contracting backgrounds. We understand investing for a higher return, and we trusted it because of sound business acumen rather than speculation. This background along with staging allowed us to return profits rather swiftly. Just like any business, after the flipping was going well, we decided to audit our practices to find areas in which our profits could be optimized through refining certain areas. We began to pay attention to the places in which we shopped for supplies and got rather pushy with the haggling for deals. I believe this is an appropriate practice at places that we give a lot of business to yearly.

However, we could not optimize in one of the places that a large percentage of money goes out of our hands regularly within the home buying and selling price. This is the real estate area, and this process seemed impervious to any negotiations that will compromise their large percentage. This would be no problem to me, but we stage and basically show our own flipped homes to prospective home buying clients. Additionally, our agents are so busy with hard to sell homes that we rarely get their undivided attention anyway. Our only choice was to become agents ourselves to retain these late percentages by controlling the entire process, but taking on an additional career beyond our regular jobs and house flipping seems like too much.

However, I did find a solution in The 990 Company’s 990 Sells Homes. It is called the 990 company because commissions are held at $990.00 for homes sold through their process. Over the course of our house selling ventures, the 990 company will have saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions. In return, our agent gets paid for doing practically nothing because the homes are sold through 990 company’s efforts and through our showing of the home within their promotions.

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Andy Wirth Crosses the Finish Line Again

Who is Andy Wirth?

Making a notable impact in the world of business and philanthropy, Andy Wirth is a proactive professional with numerous talents and just as many noteworthy aspirations. Among his wide array of achievements, his title role as President and CEO of the Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows ski resorts stands out as quite the accomplishment. Taking his job seriously, the hard-working entrepreneur is not afraid to put time and sweat equity into his company. In 2013, he generously gifted worthy ski resort employees after going undercover on the ever popular television show Undercover Boss.

Andy Wirth is a man on a mission. Squaw Valley, Lake Tahoe has repeatedly benefited from the experience and business savvy he wields to encourage locale improvements. He shows an insatiable passion for bringing tourists to the beautiful ski slopes of Squaw Valley so that they can appreciate the inspiring sights and amenities the area offer them. Contributing to a variety of environmental and community causes, Andy Wirth continually strives to preserve and promote the unique and natural beauty of the ski slopes and Lake Tahoe.

Seeing Beyond the Horizon

Not only has Andy Wirth earned acclaim in the ski industry, he also has garnered respect with those in the flight sector. Appointed chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board in 2013, the current CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings shows no signs of slowing down! Knowing the inner-workings of international resort management, Andy Wirth is proving he is an asset to Reno and Tahoe as he urges airports to provide more flights to those specified areas. An influx of flights to Lake Tahoe equates to a steady bevy of tourists, and tourism represents prosperity to ski communities.

While Andy Wirth’s business accomplishments are well-documented, his more personal achievements may not be as well-known. Skilled at sky-diving, cycling and triathlon running, Andy Wirth is an impressive individual. After nearly losing his arm in a sky-diving accident in 2013, the determined entrepreneur fought to recover and retrieve his former high-level of athleticism. An accidental encounter with a group of Navy SEALS in training brought him friendship and inspiration. Pushing for the IRONMAN 70.3 triathlon to be held at Lake Tahoe, Andy Wirth eventually received his wish. Forming the Special Warfare Warrior Support Team, Andy Wirth and his comrades compete to bring support and awareness to veterans who have lost life or limb in combat.

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The Amazing Success of Bruce Levenson

In business, there are individuals who really stand out above the rest. These individuals create a great deal of success not only for themselves but also for the companies that they help to move forward. Industries can be forever changed by the great contributions that are made by these talented individuals. Bruce Levenson is just one of these individuals who has created a great deal of success for himself in the world of business. He has helped to push forward the publishing industry by mastering the art of newsletters. Bruce Levenson has left his mark on both the oil and tech industry with his amazing innovation in the world of newsletters.

Bruce Levenson is a man who started from very humble beginnings. As a college student, Bruce knew that he wanted to be in the world of journalism. When he graduated he took up a job at a local newspaper and started his own venture as well. He created a newsletter based upon the latest trends in the oil industry. Started just out of his apartment he was able to make such a well-liked newsletter that his businesses started to soar. This is where United Communications Group was started.

Once Bruce Levenson’s first newsletter started doing well this was a great opportunity for United Communications Group to start expanding. More and more newsletters were acquired which further solidified UCG’s spot as a main player in not only the publishing industry but the oil industry as well. This allowed UCG to branch out into the tech industry once they were fully established. Bruce Levenson decided to take part in a tech company that provided some of the most up to date and informative contend to the tech industry and its consumers. Bruce Levenson also helped to start Gas Buddy, an app that helps consumers find the cheapest gas near their location.

When Bruce Levenson found a great deal of success for himself in the world of business he was able to puruse another passion, sports. As the owner of the Atlanta Hawks for a period of time, Bruce was able to help push forward this franchise to new heights. Bruce was remembered for not only being a great owner of the team but also a great leader. Bruce Levenson had a focus on unity between the players. This is why Bruce Levenson would always offer great trip opportunities for the whole team. These were opportunities for the team to grow together more than ever before.

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Handy Cleaning Services is the Only Cleaning Service I Need

Over the years I have become a person that is so busy that I don’t have the time to clean. I recently sent my daughter off to college so I picked up a part time job to help out with those new expenses. My house, if not for Handy Cleaning Services, would be a real mess. This is something that we cannot afford to neglect so we make sure that we schedule regular cleanings with this company.

I am thrilled by the job that they do. For someone that just doesn’t have a lot of time it is awesome to have access to such a wonderful cleaning company. I don’t have any reservations about using this company to clean up my home. The professionals that come in do a wonderful job each time that they come. They have a great attitude, and they clean as if they were excited to do their jobs.

I have also been able to get Handy Cleaning professionals scheduled for some other jobs that I have. There have been plumbing issues that this company has handled. There have also been a couple of rooms that I was able to get painted through this company. That has made it rather easy to embrace what this company has been able to do on such quick notice. I would not go to anyone else because the service that I have received with this company is awesome.

I would encourage just about anyone that is able to set aside a little money to get these cleaning services to do it. It doesn’t cost as much as most people would assume. Homeowners can even adjust the number of tasks to lower the cost of the services. Some people choose to get the entire house cleaned along with extras like washing clothes. I wash my own clothes and I do all of my dusting and bed making. What I depend on Handy for the most is mopping the floors and cleaning my bathrooms. This can be quite a job, but this company manages to do an excellent job every time. I also alternate between rug cleanings. I will vacuum every other week. I let professionals from Handy Cleaning Services vacuum about twice during the month. This gives me more time to spend quality outings with my family.

It really feels good to have a professional company that you can depend on for prompt service when you need it. I have lived in other cities and found that Handy Cleaning Services provides the same great services regardless of where you go. This is another thing that makes this company on techcrunch so successful. The employees seem to have the same type of mentality and they follow the same motto all over the world. This is the sign of good leadership and excellent management at the local levels in the various cities that Handy Cleaning Services caters to. I appreciate the courteous professionals that always do their jobs with a smile when services are booked.

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Outstanding Performance of James Dondero

James Dondero is the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management. Together with Mark Okada, James pioneered the Collateralized Loan Obligation among many other new investments. With over thirty years of experience in credit markets, Mr. Dondero has become a very successful hedge fund manager and has led to the growth of the companies he has worked for. His level of education has also played a major role in his success. He majored in accounting and finance and graduated with highest honors from the University of Virginia. Besides that, he is also a Certified Management Accountant who has acquired the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst Designation.
Mr. Dondero, a Dallas resident, has come a long way to get to where he is. Before joining Highland Capital Management, he worked at Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary as its chief investment officer. During his time here, he contributed to the growth of the firm from start up to $2 billion within a period of five years. Before working at Protective Life, he was employed by the American Express where he managed funds approximately worth $1 billion in form of fixed income. He has been successful in every job that he has handled earning him recognition all over the world.
Under the leadership of Mr. Dondero and his co-founding partner, Highland Capital has been a successful venture that has had award wing products such as the Collateralized Loan Obligation, Institutional Separate accounts, hedge fund, mutual funds and the private equity fund. In the year 2000, he and his partner oversaw Highland Capital launch its first commingled bank loan and created an alternative investment 40 Act platform. Currently at Highland Capital Management, Mr. Dondero supervises investment strategies and operations for retail and institutional products. All funds that have been associated with Mr. Dondero’s management have received numerous recognition and awards including; Morning star’s 5-star designation for Global Allocation in 2014, Ranked first Health Care Long/Short Equity in 2014 Morning Star and the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities in that same year.
Highland Capital continues to excel in the credit market under the leadership of Mr. Dondero and his co-founder Mr. Okada. It has recently increased its share in the Nextpoint Credit Strategies Fund by more than two million shares. This is an indication of progress and growth of the company. He has shown a great focus on the high yield and distressed investing. He has been an icon in the credit market steering forward various companies to great lengths and is now considered as one of the industry’s largest and experienced credit managers. Mr. Dondero has also contributed in other organizations as a board member. He has served as the chairman of the board of Cornerstone Health, NexBank, and CCS Medical Corporation. He is also serves as a member on the board of MGM Studios and American Banknote. The high powered hedge fund manager is also an active philanthropist who has made contributions to education, public policy and the affairs of veterans.

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The Basics of Feeding Your New Dog

Getting a new pet companion is an exciting time for both your and your new best friend. Whether you have adopted a shelter pet or purchased your dog from a reputable breeder you will be rewarded with an animal that will demonstrate the true meaning of unconditional love and affection. As the human host to such a wonderful creature, it is now your responsibility to properly care and provide for your pet. This means feeding your dog the best possible pet food you can find.

When selecting a food for your dog, be sure to choose a high-quality dog food from a known manufacturer. Lower quality dog food do not deliver the nutritional requirements that your dog needs. These low-quality foods often contain fillers that will just provide bulk to make your dog feel full. Fillers are the equivalent to human junk food.

You dog needs the same basic nutrients as humans, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. A balanced and well-formulated dog food will supply your pet with all the nutrients they need to live a long healthy life. Of course, the amount of food you feed your pet will depend on a variety of factors like their size, activity level and age. Most dog foods will have general guidelines based on your dog’s weight. You may have to adjust those portions depending on the other factors and your dog’s own temperament.

Dog obesity is a growing problem, and you should monitor your dog’s food intake carefully to prevent overeating. Dog’s that are obese can develop heart problems, diabetes, reduced mobility, and general malaise. You can tell if your dog is becoming overweight by running your hand along their sides. You should be able to feel their ribs under a thin layer of muscle and fat. Also when looking at your pet from the side, you should see a defined waistline just after the ribcage.

The Nestle Purina PetCare Company makes a number of excellent brands of dog food. The company is dedicated to providing the best pet nutrition available based on scientific research. In fact, the company spends millions of dollar every year to perfect their pet foods. One of the outcomes of this research is a line of foods based on molecular science designed for dog’s with arthritis and diabetes.

For your furry companion, Beneful is a Purina brand that is made from real meats from beef, lamb, chicken, and salmon. Cut into different sized pieces, these tasty morsels appeal to your dog’s cravings for meat and provide the proteins he needs to build and repair muscles. Contrary to popular myth, today’s domesticated dogs also need grains in their diets. Beneful on youtube combines meat with rice and corn so your dog will benefit from the carbohydrates and fiber these grains offer. Beans, peas, carrots, and spinach are also used to complete your pet’s antioxidant requirements.

Beneful is available as both moist and dry foods in a variety of sizes. The various ingredients are combined to offer over twenty different flavors so even the pickiest of canine palates will be satisfied.

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Visiting One Of UK’s Best Cities

Finding London vacation rentals may seem quite impossible, with so many places and prices to choose from. If a person is looking for a reasonable rate hotel, the Hilton London Metropole starts from $135 a day. It’s not to far from the West End and Oxford street and about a ten minute train ride from the Westfield Shopping Center. If the tourist is on a business trip, this hotel is the perfect location for them. All of the hotels are equipped with wireless internet and this a free service, a perk for any business traveler.

The hotel staff is very pleasant, the food is tasty and the rooms are always clean. There is a store in the hotel with lots to choose from, souvenirs are of many different variety. There must be something that will catch one’s eye.

Another hotel is Qbic London City, with rooms that start for $87 a night. These rooms are cube shaped. The tourist will have all the modern conveniences, which include free WiFi. Rooms are really clean, there is a huge dining room and best of all the meals are quite reasonable. Qbic London is in a district they call the up and coming area of London. Not too far you will find Brick Lane and Hoxton Square. If one is an art enthusiast they will be in their element – lots of music, bars and cafes. This area would definitely please the younger generation. Then just a stone throw away, the tourist is right in the commercial district of London. The train at Aldgate station will take anyone to Covent Gardens, Oxford Street, and don’t forget the famous Buckingham Palace, these a just a few. Tourists love an evening stroll along the River Thames.

If all this seems overwhelming, take heart! WorldEscape will take one step by step, until one finds exactly what they are searching for. With so many apartments, villas, AirBnbs in the UK, they offer lots to choose from. They were created for people who just want to find a nice hotel at a reasonable price. They hear exactly what the tourist’s wants and works very hard to fulfill their customers needs.

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