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Organo Gold Continues to Grow In 2016

In 2016, Organo Gold held its annual Organo Expo on Labor Day weekend for distributors. The convention was held at the Amalie Arena at NHL’s Tampa Bay Lighting with the host hotel Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel and Marina in Tampa Bay, Florida . The company had a mobile Expo application designed to keep distributors informed a month ahead of time about upcoming events. This was the biggest world convention for Organo Gold distributors yet.

Organo Gold is a global marketing company that helps customers by selling quality products around the world using independent distributors. They have helped many distributors become successful business men and women. Distributors sell coffee, green tea, red tea, brewing cups, and personal care products. Independent distributors are trained at Organo Gold University.

Organo Gold operates in over 50 countries around the world. They donate to organization that help make positive changes in children’s lives. They help non profit organization that serve children by supplying money for grants that they can apply for. Organo Gold has donated money to India, Nigeria and Mexico for programs that help children with hunger, shelter,and medical care.

Bernardo T. Chua is the founder and CEO of Organo Gold. He began the company in the Phillippines. It has expanded to have distributors all over the world selling healthy consumer products. The products use a special ingredient an organic mushroom called Ganoderma lucidum with his quality coffee products,teas,and personal care products. This mushroom has anti-oxidant qualities.

Bernardo Chua has years of experience in multi level marketing. According to Twitter, Bernardo Chua worked for Gano Excel expanding its markets into United States,Hong Kong and Canada. Later, he became president of the company. Bernado Chua was actively involved in developing Organo Gold University where distributors are trained in selling, management and marketing of the products they sell.

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Livery Companies Welcomed by Vintners Hall in Style

More than 120 leading members of the City of London’s Livery firms were last night welcomed by Vintners Hall, the home to the Worshipful Company of Vintners during an event which advertised the venue’s grandeur, creative and service catering skills.

Most of the Wardens and Clerks from the Livery companies who frequently organize host of events in and around the London City were brought together in the event. Searcys which is known for providing Vintners Hall with event and catering management services served some high range of high-end meals as part of the reception that included salad of bread, goats curd, Tietar cheese, Foie gras, truffle buttons, white chocolate, prosciutto ham, smoked eel croquettes and basket of pepperonata.

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Kim Lyons, the Assistant Clerk of the Worshipful Distillers Company, revealed that they will be holding all their key events at the Vintners Hall for various reasons. He also said that as a firm, they were focused on the highest quality of spirits where they need to start their event management process. The Vintners teams are ready to do anything possible to bring a creative touch that makes all the events inspiring and memorable. Searcys and Vintners are known to deliver perfect balance of flexibility, service, and creativity between them.

According to the Sales and Marketing Manager for Searcys at Vintners Hall, Patricia Paixao, the event is rated as the most successful showcase to date. They managed to receive an overwhelmingly positive response and lots of inquiries. Their partnership with Vintners based in the UK enables them to provide unique creative catering services which are unmatched to other Halls, and they are ready to welcome such an event in the near future.

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About Vintners’ Hall

Vintners’ Hall with its first charter in 1363 is among the Twelve Great Livery firms of the London City. The firm whose membership consists of over 500 Liverymen and Freemen celebrated its 650th anniversary in 2013. The hall also boasts of having one of the oldest frequently used meeting spaces in the nation and the livery firm that dates back to the 15th century.

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Bruce Levenson: The Challenges of Selling An NBA Team

After months of speculation, in April 2015, USA Today reported that Bruce Levenson had finalized a deal to sell his NBA team, the Atlanta Hawks. The buyers were a group of well-known individuals, lead by billionaire, Anthony Ressler and included retired NBA player, Grant Hill, Michael Gearon, Jr. and co-founder of Marquis Jet, Jesse Itzler.

Ressler wanted to acquire another basketball team, but that deal fizzled, when the price tag went too high. The previous deal involved acquiring the Los Angeles Clippers, but when the stakes were raised to $2 billion, Ressler walked away, rather than match the offer. With the Atlanta Hawks, the new owners also received the rights to Phillips Arena for a far more reasonable price of $850 million.

Bruce Levenson originally purchased the Hawks franchise in 2004 for $250 million. He also obtained another sports team in the transaction, the National Hockey League, Atlanta Thrashers. In 2011, Levenson sold that team for $170 million. Above all else, Bruce Levenson has a knack for developing profitable professional sporting teams.

In September 2014, Levenson revealed that he was divesting interest in the Hawks, as the majority owner. According to Forbes.com, the sale of the Hawks franchise wasn’t a cut and dry deal as Bruce Levenson previous ones. First, he had to get the other minorities owners to agree and also sell their shares and then get he needed approval from the NBA.

Of course, when the dust cleared the deal went through, and Levenson received final approval from the NBA. After everything was settled, Bruce Levenson didn’t want to freeze out the integral pieces of the Atlanta Hawks organization. So, Ressler also received two key personnel members from the previous owners. The new deal was structured to include the Atlanta Hawks’ CEO, Steven Koonin and head coach, Michael Budenholzer.

Reference: http://www.ucg.com/AboutUs/Ownership.aspx


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How Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory has helped entrepreneurs.

If you are a passionate entrepreneur, chances are that you have heard about the Swiss Startup factory. Mike Baur is the founder of the SSUF and passionately going ahead with this endeavor to help young entrepreneurs get their businesses going. Mike has had a 20 year experience in the banking industry. This has given him an edge to work with startups get off the ground. The startup factory should also help businesses get off the ground regarding a financial support as well.


The Swiss Startup factory was recently established in 2014. Since then, it has become a foundation where young entrepreneurs look to have their ideas polished. The organization is Zurich-based and helps startups get counsel and the coaching they need to help gain momentum and aid with their long term vision. Any startup that needs fundraising to get their products moving will highly benefit in this. Mike Baur has worked with Hartweg to make it possible for young businessmen and women achieve their success.


 Mike Baur has managed to create funds for business that are new. He wants to be sure that he can help people who are in need of advice of guidance when starting. He has shown people how to manage and go on with their business. For any new business, success depends on having the people being run by people that have their ideas crafted. Mike Baur has given financial support to startups so as to help the business come true. Reinforcements have also been made to several people to assist with their business choices.


Michael Hartweg has also been behind the successful team that helps digital startups. He states that many businesses fail in their endeavors because they are not managed correctly. With the unique platform offered by the program, many business can get coaching and mentoring with their business. Startups are going to find help to make better decisions about how to run their business. It will be very easy to create a successful company using Mike Baur’s consultancy services and funding.


The Swiss Startup factory is just fit for any ambitious young person that would like to set the world ablaze with their innovations and ideas. Within a three-month period, individuals can get helped and pushed to bring their ideas in the market. At the Swiss Startup Factory, people have the chance to work with like minded experts and innovators to create a collaborative environment.



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Markus Rothkranz has the best answer to your macaroni and cheese craving

Health expert, motivational speaker, and author of many bestselling lifestyle books Markus Rothkranz, creates an innovative and healthy twist on a classic favorite, macaroni and cheese. In this video, Rothkranz shows all the simple ingredients needed, gives step by step instructions, and perfectly describes the enjoyment of this dish.

There are 11 basic ingredients he uses to make his macaroni and cheese dish. All of the ingredients are gluten free, dairy free, and raw vegan, making this dish the healthiest example of macaroni and cheese anywhere. The key piece of this recipe is his use of coconut meat in place of the noodles, which is what makes this recipe gluten free. Rothkranz explains the specific type of coconut to use and shows the most effective way to extract the meat to make the noodle body of the dish. It is a prolific way to use a commonly over looked ingredient and opens up a world of possibilities for other noodle based dishes.

Once he finishes with the coconut, the rest of his recipe is fast and easy. Each measured ingredient, which includes nuts, spices, vinegar, and syrup, is placed in a blender and ground down to make a beautiful, and healthy sauce. He then spreads the sauce over the coconut noodles and the dish is complete. No cooking, minimal clean up, and the results look fantastic.

He describes the taste and texture of the dish that makes the viewer want to jump through the screen and dip their finger in the bowl. The macaroni and cheese substitute is so good that even kids will eat it, and his young taste tester can’t get enough of it. Rothkranz promotes this delicious recipe, and many others, in his book, Love On a Plate: The Gourmet UnCookbook. This wholesome and creative recipe for traditional macaroni and cheese will be the healthy change that everyone will want to make.

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The Career and Achievements of Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando has achieved success as a businessman, entrepreneur, cyber security specialist, and corporate executive in his illustrious career. He is an expert in technological innovation and international financial markets.

Early Career

Raj Fernando attended University College of London and Beloit College. He got his economics and history degree from the latter institution. Fernando started his career while still in college. He regularly volunteered at the local Chicago Mercantile Exchange where he honed his trading skills. He later secured employment at the exchange upon graduating. After several years, and successive promotions, he left Chicago Mercantile Exchange in 2002 to establish his company.

Chopper Trading

Fernando started Chopper Trading in 2002. He applied the extensive trading experience he had acquired over the years to kick start the company. As the CEO and a full-time trader, Fernando grew the company into a global entity.

In 2004, he stopped working as a full-time trader to concentrate on developing the technological division of Chopper Trading. He focused on developing sophisticated security systems used for risk management, trading, monitoring purposes, securing communications, and managing source codes within the financial industry.

DRW bought Chopper Trading in 2015. By then, it had become a global powerhouse and traded in top international markets including NASDAQ, ICE, CME, Cantor Fitzgerald-espeed, LSE, and ICAPP-Broketek. It employed over 250 employees comprised of brilliant engineers and competent traders.


In 2016, Fernando launched his most recent startup, Scoutahead.com. Today, he heads the company as the CEO. The Internet startup delivers trusted information to clients comprised of businesses and individuals looking to increase their professional and corporate productivity. With over 25 years of experience in the financial industry and ten in cyber security, Fernando is well poised to offer invaluable counsel and insights to his clients.

Board Membership and Philanthropy

Today, Fernando is an active member of several foreign policy organizations including Brookings Institute’s Foreign Policy Leadership Committee and Chicago Council on Global Affairs. He also serves on other local boards including Chicago Symphony Orchestra and American Security Project.

Fernando supports several humanitarian initiatives like Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago, the Clinton Foundation, and Wounded Warriors. He is also an avid animal advocate in Chicago with an active membership of PAWS Chicago.

Follow Raj @Twitter: https://twitter.com/raj_fernando

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The Success of Seattle Genetics

For a new and healthy approach to create a cure for some of the world’s most detrimental diseases, a new treatment has been created that has not only encouraged non-invasive treatments, but has also created new and cost-effective ways that enable every individual with a deadly disease to be treated effectively. The company that has developed this new treatment is known as Seattle Genetics, a company that was founded in 1998 by Clay Siegall, an expert in the scientific field who has dedicated his career to find new and innovative ways to treat some of the world’s deadliest diseases. In recent news, Clay Siegall and his team have created a new way to treat cancer by using special agents within the body system that kill the cancerous cells without harming the good cells within the body. Clay Siegall is proud of his work and hopes to make this new treatment readily available to the entire public.

In recent news, the President as well as founder of this company, Clay Siegall has recently announced that Seattle Genetics is expected to grow exponentially over the next several years thanks to the increase in the interest within the company. The products that have been produced by Seattle Genetics are high quality products that have gained the attention of numerous investors. Clay Siegall hopes to continuously grow the company in not only infrastructure, but also with more and more people. Mr. Siegall expects to hire 100 new individuals each year to bring the numbers within the company over 1,300 individuals.

Seattle Genetics is a biotech company that was built by Clay Siegall to create a new way to treat cancer that was not only more effective, cheaper, but also less dangerous. Rather than pushing the body to the limit with chemotherapy as well as radiation, Seattle Genetics has created a new treatment that kills the cancerous cells without harming the beneficial cells. Clay Siegall is excited for the advancement of the company and hopes that his company continues to grow and continues to become more and more available to the public as a cheap and alternative product.

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The Unresolved Case Between AIG And Former Owners Of Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks recently got a new management and ownership. According to ESPN, the former owners sold the company to the billionaire Tony Ressler-led team. The reasons for selling the company rest solely with the former owners of the esteemed company, which is an NBA franchise. However, it is clear that the former owners led by Bruce Levenson and Danny Ferry have an unresolved issue with AIG over unpaid claims. According to an article published on Atlanta journal constitution’s website, there is a pending court case between the two parties.
AIG is reported to have committed a breach of their contract and acted in bad faith when it refused to pay the losses claims by the former ownership of the company. They say that Mr. Ferry, the previous general manager of Atlanta hawks, had affirmed the claims with the insurance company. The tussle rises from the fact that the letter has refused to acknowledge the claim and that the course of action has been triggered. The losses are said to be under the coverage of the policy, which also protects workers from unlawful dismissals and unfair treatment at the workplace. It means that AIG has no reason for refusing to pay for the losses, as it has also failed to prove that the claims were not made. The court case filed on 13th September seeks to use the legal means to have the insurance company own up to its part of the deal, and pay as stated in the policy agreement.

Bruce Levenson

Levenson spent most of his life in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He was born in Washington, D.C. He studied at the Washington university college in St. Louis. He did a degree in law at the American university. While at the university, he realized his love for journalism and has been a part-time journalist since then. He is a loving father to three sons, and loving husband to Karen. He has homes in Potomac and Atlanta. Read more on brucelevenson.com.


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Seattle Genetics Sees Massive Fundraising thanks to Clay Siegall

Seattle Genetics has already established a name for itself with its line of antibody-drug conjugates and the smashing success the company has seen with them. It’s no surprise that Seattle Genetics is now seeing a massive surge in fundraising for its recent efforts. Based in Bothell, the company has increased its public stock offerings massively to exceed more than half a billion dollars. With its $552 million dollars worth of public stock offerings, seattle Genetics CEO Clay Siegall promises the firm will hire 100 employees per year for the next five years. The deal has been so good for Seattle Genetics that its stock value went up 4% to $46.79 per share.

Clay Siegall founded Seattle Genetics in 1998 with the goal of producing better cancer treatment. With his long history in cancer research, Clay Siegall has an understanding of how the disease progresses and responds to various treatments. His expertise has allowed him to develop antibody-drug conjugates, a combination of antibody cancer treatments and drugs used to improve the dispersion of treatments. With a record of success Clay Siegall has managed to attract the attention of big names in the pharmaceutical industry like Pfizer.

Before he founded Seattle Genetics Siegall worked for the National Cancer Institute in 1988. It was here that his interests in developing treatments for cancer first crystallized. His work here gave him the mindset he would later need to create the innovations he has produced at Seattle Genetics and the understanding of how to lead a team of professionals.

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The Brown Modeling Agency knows what it takes

Becoming a model is something that a lot of men and women strive for. It’s a career that most can turn into a full-time career, if you measure up to the standards.

There are requirements that need to be met for most requested models that do runways and other big commercial events. If you are a woman and wanting to become a famous runway model you need to be at least 5’8 or above in height. Have a slender physique and a bust size around 34-36 and a waist around 24 if not smaller. Hips should be no bigger than at least 35 inches. Of course models run in all sizes depending and these noted sizes are just an average for most runaway models. If you are a model in commercials or even print, sizes can vary depending on what the company is looking for to promote their product.

Being a male model is just as strict when it comes to looks. Height should be around 6-6’2 and not overly built muscle wise, but not underweight either. The rule of thumb is the perfect male runway model should fit a size 40-42 jacket. Of course, just like women models size requirements can vary depending on what job is being fulfilled using models.

Being a child model is a little bit more relaxed when it comes to body size, but there needs to be facial features that stand out and a charming appeal when it comes to using children in commercials and print and even in theatrical areas of the business.

There is one agency in Austin that has been dealing with models for over 40 years and that is The Brown Modeling Agency. This company knows what it takes to be a model and have a lasting career at the profession. In 2010 the agency took all that knowledge and brought a division of their company to Austin, Texas. To this date the Texas based Brown Agency represents over 400 models, who not only work in the Texas area but also in the major cities like New York.

The president, Justin Brown, fully understands what clients want and need when it comes to picking models for the required jobs, and that is why they not only hold representation for runway models, but also represents average models in commercials and print.

The Brown Modeling Agency is well respected in the business and always considered by companies when they need professional models.

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