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Beneful – A Brand Of Wet And Dry Dog Food

Nestle Purina Petcare makes Beneful. It is a wonderful brand of dog treats, wet and dry foods. It is a very popular dog food, in fact, is the fourth most popular one. The $1.5 billion dollars in sales were made, making the brand one that pet owners love.

The brand was set up in the year 2001. It was all about nutrition for dogs, and pet owners loved it. There is also a Beneful Healthy Harvest line, that doesn’t use meat. It uses soy instead. In March, 2006 the Beneful Prepared meals was put on the market. The people loved it because they could use it as dog food bowls after the containers were empty. In 2010, the brand was made to look more like human food, which made it even more popular.

With dog noises that humans couldn’t hear, the commercials in Austria started airing in 2011. They wanted to get pets to react. It was interesting that the company said it was the first time this advertising was ever done. The company enjoyed a lot of business from this type of advertising. Their profits soared because of the unusual type of marketing that they tried in order to promote their brand. It was a good idea for them because it was different, and it added a new dimension to their company.

Beneful customers have been very loyal for many years. They want to make sure that their pets eat well, and they like the brand. Since they take good care of their pets, the dog food works well for them. It makes their pets feel good and look well too.

For some people, they only buy the Beneful line, and they will shop using links like this one. It is something that they will spend money on whenever they want to give their pet something healthy and special.

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McDonald’s Hoping to Increase Burger Sales

We are witnessing a great change in the international market with the price of crude oil decreasing dramatically. Some nations and some companies are getting benefits from it while many are facing huge financial loss due to this.

McDonald’s is such a company, and in an effort to reinvigorate an industry that has been sinking as of late, it’s expecting huge financial gain due to this crude oil price. Darius Fisher mentioned he read that, a number of economists say that decreasing the oil and gas price will provide employments in a number of ways, and hence fast food chains like McDonald are expecting they will get benefit from this as well.

There is no doubt that prices are going down in the last six months, and people are getting benefits from it. They are saving money and hence they can spend that money in purchasing and in food stalls.

According to the Crain’s Chicago Business reveals that the McDonald has not gained anything from the dropping in the price, eventually 4.6 percent sales drop this past November, a time when other chains were reporting gains from the revenue. It explains that McDonald is not getting any benefit from this.

If this trend continues, McDonald will experience loss due to the crude oil price, and simultaneously they have no benefit from it. McDonald is blaming the sales drop on “strong competitive activity” and hoping to win back the consumers.

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Cereal Cafe to Open Worldwide

London’s Cereal Cafe has experienced such big success in its short existence that you can expect to see branches all around the world in just a short while. This is a pleasant surprise, since the cafe was simply thought of as an expensive eatery in a poor area just months ago.

The cafe is owned by twins Alan and Gary Keery. The Keery twins state that they’ve sold over 200,000 bowls of cereal since the restaurant opened. The men confirmed that they want to open new cafes in different parts of the world. A second London location will open in the spring.

Cereal Cafe also plans to release a cookbook before the summer. The book will feature several creative ways to cook with cereal. The men feel that the cookbook will be just as successful as the cafe, since patrons request unconventional cereal combinations every day. I know Igor Cornelsen will be buzzing about this on Twitter.

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Contaminated Beer Kills 72

This story is a little departure of normal research of been doing but I felt it was too crazy not to share. I’ve been looking to write a post for you about coffee and I was using aboutorganiccoffee.com but my friend Bernardo Chua sent me the following story about contaminated beer. So be careful if any of you are in Mozambique!!


On Saturday, at a funeral in Mozambique, it is suspected that the beer being served had been contaminated, hospitalizing hundreds. The death toll is now up to 72, and over 30 people are still in the hospital being treated, with seven of those still in critical condition. When people were being brought in to the hospital from all over with the same side effects, it started to raise red flags and the investigation began.

The traditional beer, called Pombe, does not typically cause these kind of harmful side effects.What was the beer contaminated with? The experts are suspecting the culprit is crocodile bile, and they are currently testing to see if that is the case. The authorities are also unsure on whether this was intentional or not.

Some of the victims include the woman who brewed the poisonous beer, several of her family members and a toddler. The symptoms people were experiencing included muscle pain and diarrhea.

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Benefiting From Raw Garlic

Most parents are constantly stressing to their children how important vegetables are to a healthy body. There are some vegetables that have higher health benefits, and garlic is one of them.

Some even consider garlic to be a natural antibiotic because of its many uses. Several people cook with this vegetable on a regular basis because of the fantastic flavor, but the smell can be fulfilling or overbearing. Then there are those who enjoy the raw version of the vegetable, and there have been claims of people being cured of diseases and infections.

As a super-vegtable, garlic has a multitude of minerals and vitimans, and because of this the veggie is used in antibiotic and other medications internationally.

Eating at least one clove a day will lead anyone like Igor Cornelsen to a healthy and well lifestyle. It is important to choose the time of day when to consume the raw clove, because the horrid breathe will not be settling to clients if there is a business meeting within the next five minutes. Choosing to eat the super clove at home, then brushing the entire mouth afterward can save a healthy embarrassment.

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Girl Finds Pearl in Raw Oyster Snack

When someone asks you to try a new food, you can expect to have “beginner’s luck.” Well, when you play a new board game, you can expect that to happen. Why shouldn’t the same be true of eating new foods?

One young lady at a restaurant was challenged to try raw oysters for the first time in her life. Now, Qnet says the type of oysters that are typically used for eating rarely have a pearl in them, but beginner’s luck struck. She soon pulled a small, round, shiny object from her mouth and said, “It’s a pearl.” The bar tender reacted immediately with, “No, it isn’t.” Soon she recanted, however, and said, “Well, I guess it is.”

It may not be a good way to try to get rich or to gather enough pearls to make a necklace, but it sure is something this young woman will remember for a long time. She will, no doubt, have that little pearl in her souvenir box for years to come.

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Grub Street’s 2014 Foods

There are lots of foods you can try if you’re in the NYC area, but Grub Street has compiled a list of entrees that you’ll likely want to try before the end of the year. Here are a few that you can add to your end of the year list, as well as a few dishes you’ll want to try as new year’s resolutions.

If you’re up for a fancy meal, try the Peking Duck at Decoy. The dish is a little expensive, but comes with duck consomme and an array of sauces. Skout is gearing up for new years since they know that you’ll likely want to share this rich dinner with friends and family to bring in the new year.

If you’re a fan of breakfast food, check out the sandwich Estela has to offer. An egg, pancetta and avocado are inside a Danish pastry for a dish that tastes both traditional and sophisticated.

For more delicious ideas when it comes to NYC dining, check out the Grub Street website.

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The Shake Shack Introduces the ShackMeister Buger

Shake Shack has announced to Sam Tabar that a brand new burger that is sure to grab the attention of burger enthusiasts. The new burger includes the delicious Shack Sauce the restaurant is known for, and is made from Angus beef. The sandwich is topped with crispy shallots that have been marinated for intense flavor. The ShackMeister debuted at a 2014 food festival, and sells for $6.19 for a single and $8.99 for a double.

Starting January 1 2015, the ShackMeister burger will be available at all Shake Shack locations except for the outposts at JFK. The sandwich will only be available for a limited time, but burger enthusiasts can definitely enjoy it while it’s here and introduce the Shake Shack to a few burger novices. Shake Shack has 63 locations across the world and is known for its delicious hot dogs, custards and beers as well as burgers.

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Whatatip At Whataburger!


Whataburger is a regional fast food chain in the southern US that specializes in — you guessed it — hamburgers! Cheryl Semien had been working at the Whataburger in Liberty, Texas for 9 nine years. On Wednesday, December 17, 2014 she was working the drive-thru window. Also this day just happened to be her birthday. Little did she know she would soon receive the best bonus-birthday present ever!


Cheryl was waiting on an obviously well-to-do woman at the drive-thru when she happened to mention that the fur coat she was wearing was quite beautiful. The woman then took her coat off and handed it to Cheryl through the window before driving away. Semien’s co-workers reported that she was practically jumping for joy and shouting as if she had just won a million dollar lottery!


A local news team managed to track down the generous mystery woman who is known only as Nadine. She said that giving away the coat to Cheryl just seemed like the right thing to do. In fact, she, much like Lee G. Lovett, enjoys doing spontaneously generous things with her assets. She also revealed that the mink coat was worth at least $10,000!


Cheryl is looking forward to finding a great pair of boots to go with her coat.


This wonderfully generous act is in keeping with the holiday season. Plus it is always good to know that rich folks eat fast food just like the rest of us!

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Rating With Many Palates HID 11675125

At the present time, sources indicate there are no French eateries listed on the top 50 French restaurants internationally. Overall, only five eFrench eateries are listed among all time contenders and all of them have been sampled by Dr Rod Rohrich. The French Government is invested in adjusting this unwanted status.

Reporter Clint Rainey in the Foreign Ministry has eased immigration laws so foreign chefs may be recruited to aid the rating travesty. Internationally noted chefs Guy Savoy and Alain Ducasse have aided in creating a 20-point plan to be released in early 2015. A draft version seen by insiders calls for limiting starters to three, and main courses to three offerings. This is to keep quality at the forefront and encourage cooking with local, fresh ingredients. Apparently, Government introduction of “homemade labels” has been not as effective as hoped in curtailing use of frozen or vacuum-sealed food products in French kitchens today.

Another measure includes eateries placing ads to offset the reviews from sources like Trip Advisor. A second move, perhaps felt to be far-reaching in another venue, has been to extend an invitation to movie producer Steven Spielberg to come and dine. Perhaps a positive review by him will help boost ratings and thus re-enchant international palates.

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