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Best Restaurants in Berlin

There can be no doubt that one can find the very best in cultural cuisines while touring Europe. Just how to find the very best of them, however, can be tricky.

When in Europe people must not miss Germany, especially Berlin. The country is full of interesting places you must see in your lifetime with friends, family or even alone. 

Laurel Powell Jobs says that food trips are always part of one’s itinerary whenever a person visits a new place. The number of bars and restaurants in the country is continuously increasing. The demand for a unique place to diner and food to try is there. People are hungry for new food to add to their favourite list. 

A website called Berlin Heatmap has come up with a list of where to eat in Berlin. 

First on the list is NENI Berlin. It is situated in the 10th floor of Hotel Bikini, a newly opened building. NENI Berlin will surely satisfy cravings for Middle Eastern cuisine. The food is prepared by chef Haya Molcho. 

Second on the list is the restaurant Monkey Bar. It is situated in the same building stated above. Obviously, Hotel Bikini is one of the places to go for food trip while you’re in Germany. Monkey Bar offers good cocktails which you will enjoy with friends. It’s a great place to unwind because it has a quite good view of the city.

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Food Satisfaction in Restaurants Higher When Cooks Can See Patrons from the Kitchen

According to the Harvard Business School and University College London, chefs perform better and diners are more satisfied with their food when the chef can see the patrons. The research study set out to figure out whether or not seeing a patron makes for better customer service, and the answer is a unanimous yes. Fine dining lover Andrew Heiberger agrees with the findings.

The study set up four different scenarios. First, neither the patrons nor the chefs could see each other. In the second scenario, the patrons could see the chefs by the chefs could not see the patrons. In the third scenario, the chefs could see the patrons but the patrons could not see the chefs. Finally, in the fourth situation, both the patrons and the chefs could see each other.

The study found that when both the patrons and the chefs could see each other, food satisfaction was higher, and dishes were completely correctly more often. When the cooks could see the people enjoying their food, and put a face to the order, they were more likely to take their time on the order. They were also more likely to complete the order efficiently and with greater accuracy when they could see the dining area.

According to the study, anxiety did not play into the performance at all. Rather, the study found that the cooks felt more appreciated when they could see people enjoying their food, and, thus put in more effort into the preparation.

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Thanksgiving Squash: A Healthy Holiday Entree

Thanksgiving is traditionally known as the holiday when turkey is served. However, there are a number of vegetarians who celebrate this day, so there are several options for those who don’t including meat in their Thanksgiving feast. Squash is often served at the Thanksgiving table. The vegetable is in season during the fall, and contains several vitamins and minerals that make it especially beneficial. The New York Times suggests that squash is an ideal part of the Thanksgiving meal because it is low in cholesterol, sodium and saturated fat.

Squash is high in vitamin A, which is essential for youthful skin. It also helps if you like the food in general, like Dr. Rod Rohrich. The vitamin also protects the health of the eyes and can prevent macular degeneration. Vitamin C, which is vital for heart health and protects the immune system, is also abundant in squash.

Squash can be used as a main course for Thanksgiving, particularly if it is stuffed with other vegetables such as corn and broccoli. The squash can also be roasted and drizzled with honey and lime juice for a sweet and savory side dish.

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Frankie and Benny’s Draws the Line With Fussy Customer

The popular Italian chain restaurant Frankie and Benny’s serves mouthwatering meals to their diners every day in Aldershot. Meals are constantly flying out of the kitchen. That is unless Kerry Prior happens to be dining there. Then it is usually coming back to the kitchen.

After enduring Kerry’s displeasure with 90% of her meals, the chef cooking refused to cook her meal. The restaurant then chose to ban her from dining there. 34-year-old Kerry admitted to the “Daily Mail,” “I know I am fussy but I’m never rude and if I send it back it always comes back fine. The food should be of a certain standard.”

For people who dine in restaurants often, sending your food back once a month would be enough. However, Kerry was dining at this restaurant three times a week. Perhaps she is not aware of the amount of distress that she was causing over issues that were obviously not enough to keep her from frequenting the business again, which Andrew Heiberger thought was hilarious.

The manager offered Kerry and her two companions vouchers for free meals at other Frankie & Benny’s restaurants in other locations. An apology came from a corporate spokesperson in a letter stating that Kerry was no longer banned from the restaurant. It is unknown if she will return to the neighborhood location to dine in the future. I am sure the chef will be extremely happy to see her coming.

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New Barbecue Restaurant Delayed Until Spring of Next Year

Michael Symon has been working on his barbecue restaurant for a while. However, it has turned out to be taking a little bit longer than he anticipated. He has delayed the opening of his restaurant in Cleveland until spring of 2015.

Symon has stated that his restaurant, named Mabel, will be a barbecue restaurant with meals done in the known and loved Cleveland style. Among the many dishes o the menu are crispy pig ears, smoked chicken wings and applewood-smoked barbecue which has a mustard based sauce topping. Patrons will also be able to choose from among many beverages such as moonshine, whiskey and craft beer.

This delay may come as a disappointment, but when it opens people can rest assured that it will be more than worth the wait. Bruce Levenson is one of many looking forward to giving it a try. The restaurant is located next to Lola. Knowing the celebrity chef, people who frequent his restaurant will walk away pleased.

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Fight Against GMOs Heats Up

It is quite interesting how sometimes we fail to ask ourselves some questions concerning our health. Well, the food we eat nowadays raises a lot of unanswered questions.

The recent concept of using Genetically Modified foods has evoked a lot of negative responses as to the awareness of the effects of such foods. An initiative was taken, however, in Oregon last week regarding these very relevant issues.

In a move seeming to target the big companies, a vote was carried out to introduce the labeling of genetically modified foods.

However, it was the soda companies that came out smiling from the vote, according to Keith Mann at least. It was a costly affair though for avid shoppers that would have ushered the “Genetically Engineered” stamp on packaged and raw foods.

It is said that one of the most hated corporations, Monsanto, had invested heavily to topple the Oregon initiative. It was interesting to see how much the campaign for and against the initiative gobbled up money.

Contrary to 64 other countries, including Australia and China, the United Sates does not mandate mandatory labeling of Genetically Modified products. Coincidentally enough, 90% of Americans are in support of labeling GMO products at the Federal level.

Although the battle was lost, the war still rages. The labeling advocates got some consolation from Maui County, Hawaii, which authorized a temporary moratorium on genetically modified plantations. In the end everybody had something to smile about.

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Washing Lettuce On The Outs?

Toshiba has moved into the world of agriculture and is claiming to be producing a lettuce product that will not require washing. Their indoor facility is growing lettuce in a sterilized environment and their workers are tending to the crop in hazmat-type suits. All aspects of the environment are controlled including air pressure, temperature, lighting, bacteria, and dust. This is a very unique and detailed process, which can be further investigated at this link. While this might prevent the use of pesticides, this new technology does not prevent the need for washing once inside the restaurant environment.

But Jared Haftel, as a chef who has worked in many restaurants in the United States, feels there are many factors that one must take into consideration.The majority of restaurants would be getting this product from the purveyors, which only come a couple of times a week, so the environment of the restaurant will be a factor. The whole taste of a lettuce product is improved by the process of washing. If the humidity or heat gets to the product, then there is no better fix then to wash the lettuce and strain in a 41 degree Fahrenheit walk-in fridge. So is the days of washing lettuce on its way out with this innovative growing technique by Toshiba? The culinary world will say not to fast.

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Thanksgiving Leftovers With A Purpose

Thanksgiving is the time when we travel the roads to visit family and friends. Eating at each house that we visit along our journey. And, more often than not, someone begs us to take a little of the leftover food with us before leaving. Well, this year you can beat the dreaded ‘I don’t want to see another side dish’ blues. Collect leftovers that will help you make a nutritious grain bowl.

Grain bowls are a wonderful well-balanced meals in a bowl served over the grain of your choice like wheat pasta, rice, couscous, quinoa, barley, and grits. On top of the grain there is space for your choice of:
Vegetable: In this case you want sweet vegetables like carrots, beets, sweet potatoes, or butternut squash.
Greens: Raw or steamed greans like kale, spinach, cabbage and broccoli.
Proteins: Beans, boiled or fried eggs, and meat.

Then, top the bowl off with a drizzle of sauce and a few select toppings. The sauce can be anything from a prepared jar sauce to a vinaigrette or pesto. And, toppings for garnishing the dish can be items like cilantro, nuts, seeds, or avocado slices.

Here is Jared Haftel’s intended Thanksgiving leftover grain bowl: Wheat macaroni and cheese, string beans, sweet potato, and turkey, under a marinara sauce. Topped with Parmesan cheese, slivered almonds and parsley.

Collecting ingredients to go in your grain bowl should add a little bit of personal excitement to your holiday journey.

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Wolfgang Puck Kicks Off the New Show “Restaurant Revolution”

I find myself to be extremely happy when there is a new episode of a cooking show or battle coming on television. I even find myself to the point of giddy when it comes to a new show being premiered. You can imagine the excitement when my friend Mark Ahn introduced me to a new show highlighting the inner workings of the chefs themselves!

Through the years, I have spent countless hours watching Julia Childs, Justin Wilson, and the great James Beard. I enjoyed the cooking aspect of these shows, but they were very scripted and sterile. I find the inside view that you get from seeing what happens in real life concerning these people just adds to my love of the format. I am so in love with these cooking shows that I will watch anything concerning cooking and I am over the moon with the thought of being able to experience the man behind the culinary genius that is Wolfgang Puck.

The new show featuring him that starts tonight is called “Restaurant Revolution.” It highlights different chefs and tells the tale of their struggles, dreams, aspirations, and inspirations. The preview for this show promises to deliver insider information about Puck in his early years as a chef and his opening of his first restaurant. I have to go, my show is on!

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Pizza Hut Unveils Burrito Pizza

In the latest case of a Pizza Hut overseas producing a crazy food combination Pizza Hut New Zealand has started rolling out Mexican themed pizzas. These pizzas include a burrito themed pizza, a Quesadilla Pizza, and a Mexican pizza.
The new Burrito Pizza features chili beans and a special burrito sauce. The Pizza will also feature bell peppers and mozzarella. While this pizza does sound interesting it seems unlikely that the pizza will actually taste like a burrito.
The Mexican Pizza includes everything that you would find on a Burrito Pizza plus the strange addition of Tortilla chips. This pizza apparently would vaguely resemble nachos.
Including in this new roll out is the Quesadilla Pizza. This pizza is essentially an extremely large quesadilla. In between the two crusts are a variety of Mexican related menu items including the recently mentioned burrito sauce. This new pizza will almost definitely be messy. Flavio Maluf likes pizza, but he isn’t sure if he is ready to try this one.
Pizza Hut in the United States is mostly known for chain pizza that tastes alright. Some of their locations include a pizza buffet and sometimes the experiment with Barbeque pizza. Overseas Pizza Hut is known for crazy menu items, such as the Hot Dog Pizza. Pizza Hut has constantly reinvented its overseas menu in hopes that they will be able to gain traction as an international brand. This latest menu rollout is certainly interesting, but only time will tell if people in New Zealand actually want Mexican pizza.

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