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Visiting One Of UK’s Best Cities

Finding London vacation rentals may seem quite impossible, with so many places and prices to choose from. If a person is looking for a reasonable rate hotel, the Hilton London Metropole starts from $135 a day. It’s not to far from the West End and Oxford street and about a ten minute train ride from the Westfield Shopping Center. If the tourist is on a business trip, this hotel is the perfect location for them. All of the hotels are equipped with wireless internet and this a free service, a perk for any business traveler.

The hotel staff is very pleasant, the food is tasty and the rooms are always clean. There is a store in the hotel with lots to choose from, souvenirs are of many different variety. There must be something that will catch one’s eye.

Another hotel is Qbic London City, with rooms that start for $87 a night. These rooms are cube shaped. The tourist will have all the modern conveniences, which include free WiFi. Rooms are really clean, there is a huge dining room and best of all the meals are quite reasonable. Qbic London is in a district they call the up and coming area of London. Not too far you will find Brick Lane and Hoxton Square. If one is an art enthusiast they will be in their element – lots of music, bars and cafes. This area would definitely please the younger generation. Then just a stone throw away, the tourist is right in the commercial district of London. The train at Aldgate station will take anyone to Covent Gardens, Oxford Street, and don’t forget the famous Buckingham Palace, these a just a few. Tourists love an evening stroll along the River Thames.

If all this seems overwhelming, take heart! WorldEscape will take one step by step, until one finds exactly what they are searching for. With so many apartments, villas, AirBnbs in the UK, they offer lots to choose from. They were created for people who just want to find a nice hotel at a reasonable price. They hear exactly what the tourist’s wants and works very hard to fulfill their customers needs.

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Choosing the Right Food for Your Dog

There are more than 78 million dogs that are kept as pets in the US alone. Every single one of them will need to be fed nutritional food on a daily basis. Each pet owner will have their own personal opinion as to what their dog should eat. Some of them will take the time to educate themselves, other will rely on information that they have gotten from friends and family.

So how exactly should one decide what to feed their dog? They can start by prioritizing their dog’s nutritional needs. If you have a new puppy, you should seek out the best puppy food for growing dogs. If your dog is active and healthy, a vitamin enriched food would be best. If your furry friend is a senior dog, you need to find food that meets their unique needs.

There are proponents on multiple sides of the dog food debate. Some say to feed dogs a raw food diet (biologically available raw food diet –BARF) like they would eat if they were in the wild. While others take a mainstream approach and recommend vitamin enriched processed dog food because dogs are domesticated. Choosing dog food for your furry friends doesn’t need to be a debatable topic. If you educate yourself before you make the choice, you won’t need to worry about making a mistake for your pet.

Thankfully, Purina has created Beneful dog food brand for dogs. This dog food meets or exceeds the nutritional needs of every dog breed today. Though there may be some people who have never heard of it, Beneful is a popular brand among active dogs. For dogs that really like to play hard, this dog food provides the extra nutrients to help meet the high demands of their active lifestyles. Veterinarians do recommend Beneful as part of a balanced diet for pets, and it comes in a wide range of flavors and styles.

There are other brands of dog food available, and many of them are good brands. However, Samsclub’s Beneful is the top brand for active dogs of all ages. Dogs really love the variety of flavors that are on offer from Purina. With juicy meaty flavors and an assortment of different textures, not only do dogs like to eat it, but the variety of different textures and flavors appeals to the pet owner’s emotional need to provide high-quality food for their pets.

There are a wealth of different foods available on the market, and many of them can help with various ailments. When you are looking for the best food for your pets, be certain to take a good look at this brand before you make your decision. This brand of food offers all the building blocks of nutrition that your healthy dog needs for a full life and beyond. As an added benefit, Beneful is available in local grocers and retail establishments near you.

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Fashionable Men Wears Italian Shoes

There have been some great United States shoe manufacturers through the years. Companies like Johnston and Murphy and Allen Edmonds have been making high quality, expensive footwear for decades, and they have a great following. But these domestic shoe factories and all domestic shoe factories have one thing in common. They turn to Italy every year for design ideas. That’s right. Designers from American shoe companies travel to Europe every year to see what Italy is doing in terms of new footwear styles. Of course, the American brands can’t duplicate the Italian shoes available through Paul Evans styles stitch for stitch, but they can take an Italian style and put another sole and heel on it, and then form and shape it using a last with a different toe character. Once the Americans have changed the look, they can put their own brand on the “knock-off,” and call it their own.

But just like the clothes that are made in Italy, and then duplicated in China, something is lost in the process. Some designers call it the “Italian effect.” Italy is known for creating fashionable men’s shoes and clothing, and they have no peers. Italian designers put their spirit into each style, and the people that own them can feel that spirit every time they put a pair of Italian shoes on their feet.

Some people say the Italian shoe designers get their ability to produce men’s footwear from their ancient genes. The Italians have been making fashionable shoes longer than any other country, and it shows in the workmanship. Italian designers are also not afraid to use quality calf and kid skin and the best leather soles in business. The shoes may cost a little more, but the styles last a lot longer. Italy is the birthplace of today’s fashionable footwear, and one New York Company has teamed up with some very hip Italian designers to create Italian footwear for fashionable American men. Paul Evans Footwear is bringing quality Italian footwear to the doorstep of American men that want to look the way the Italians feel.

The difference between Paul Evans Footwear and other shoe companies is simple. The owners of Paul Evans Footwear have designed a line of men’s footwear for American men using the touches that make Italian footwear so special. And the owners have made a direct deal with a factory in Naples to produce those designs and to ship those designs one at a time. That has never been done before in the men’s shoe business.

Shoe factories usually require minimum quantities to produce certain styles, but Paul Evans Footwear has convinced the factory to produce smaller quantities in order to ship these exquisite men’s designs directly to the consumer. No middle men are involved in the ordering process. The order goes from Paul Evans Footwear directly to the factory, and the factory sends the shoes directly to the fashionable men that ordered them. Fashionable men can now wear the Italian shoes they choose without searching everywhere for the right size, style, color and price. That’s a giant leap forward for fashionable men, and for the shoe business.

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Yeonmi Park a young woman’s journey

Yeonmi Park was born in 1993 in Heysan, North Korea. Her father was employed by the Workers’ Party, while her mother worked for the North Korean Army as a nurse. Yeonmi is now coming to be known for speaking out about human rights and defecting from North Korea. Park came to be known by the world’s stage after the One Young World Summit that took place in Dublin, Ireland in 2014. She is an outspoken opponent of human trafficking and is working to uphold human rights around the globe. She is also trying to draw attention to the lives of citizens still in North Korea. She has written about her memories in a book that will be published at the end of September of 2015.

Though she was born into a wealthy and influential family their fates changed. Her father was sent to a labor camp for trading metal with the Chinese during the economic crises in the 90’s. Yeonmi went from being the daughter of an influential and well respected man to being the child of a prisoner. Her family had no prospects and the mother was questioned repeatedly because they suspected she knew of her husband’s smuggling. The Parks faced much previously unknown hardship.

The family found help from brokers to cross the border into China. Park’s father was unable to leave with his wife and younger daughter. Eunmi the family’s older daughter had struck out previously, to cross the border on her own. The two women fell into the wrong hands and ended up being taken away by human traffickers. Young Yeonmi witnessed many awful experiences along her harrowing excursion. The attack upon her mother and the belief that her sister might be dead was overwhelming. Yeonmi though did what she had to do to get her father out of North Korea. After his escape Yeonmi’s father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The family was in hiding in China when Park’s father died, they were unable to give him a suitable burial because they did not want to draw attention from officials. Missionaries in Qingdao, China helped Yeonmi and her mother cross to Mongolia. The women were hoping to get political asylum in South Korea.

The Guards at the border wanted to send them back, but the women’s actions convinced them not to. In April of 2009 they finally made it to Seoul, South Korea. With the help of South Korean government Yeonmi and her mother were reunited with her older sister and began to adjust to their lives. People must remember her youth and the strain that Ms. Park has been placed under the fact that she has come out the other side of this situation the driven and poised young woman that she is speaking for the strength of her character. Yeonmi has not hidden she has spoken out and written articles. Ms. Parks volunteers her time and efforts for these causes that strike her so hard.

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4 Tips to be a Top Business Woman of Our Time

They are savvy, focused and admired. They are amidst us and we are feeling their warm smile. Most of all, we either want to follow their footsteps or be around them. Being around them is the least likely to happen because business women are always busy and you don’t want hanging around a busy bee. However, don’t lose hope, we can follow their lead and end up as successful as they are.

For instance, most people admire Susan McGalla. Susan McGalla on about.me is a high rolling business woman having worked at two high rolling companies; being the president of American Eagle Outfitters Inc. and being a Chief Executive Officer of Wet seal Inc. she has also had the most admirable career from the moment she stepped at Joseph Horne Company gate in the year 1986 and kept stepping inside the offices leaving golden marks in each Marketing department till she stepped out in1994. It is at that moment she moved to American Eagle Outfitters as a divisional merchandise buyer for women clothing before working up to the presidential position in the same company.

Later she was appointed to part of the Board of Directors at HFF Inc. a position she holds till today. She then founded P3 consulting and currently she is at Pittsburg Steeler as the Director of Strategic planning and growth.

In order to make such tremendous achievements, below are the guidelines that will turn you into a high achieving figure in the world of business.


This is the number one trait any woman should posses at any given point if they really to progress. First, one should look into a niche they are really passionate about, Such that they can keep working long after closing hours as a result of love of what they do. This acts as a personal motivation and hence the fruits come plenty in a motivated world.

Another way is to develop passion of what you are doing. Probably identify a niche and develop love for that niche.

Be in control

Always strive to be the boss in an office you are working. This enables one to make the rules under which one can comfortably work. You will also get to understand your employees really well hence create a favorable environment for them. When the employees are happy then the business will be happy. You are only as good as your employees.

Believe in yourself

Self confidence in your ideas goes a long way in actualizing them. Believing that you will be successful will be the pushing force for you to work and actually be successful.

Take risks

This is not all about taking all the risks. First, one should have an eye to calculate a risk and probably determine the aftermath of the risks. Avoid those risks that are outwardly stupid.

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Business Success Tips by Susan McGalla

Regardless of one’s talent, training or education, becoming a successful businessperson is heavily determined by how one works with other stakeholders. That is regardless of the commodity or service being offered. Even if a woman is the best at what she does, she cannot be a successful businessperson if people avoid her. Here are the crucial success tips for all ambitious businesspeople.

Pursue Passion
Being a successful businessperson requires focus, determination, passion and time. A businessperson’s interactions with others in her field will help in dedicate her life to something she loves. One should not choose a career based solely on the supposed success it is expected to bring her. Instead, she should choose a career that makes her happy, and she will find it easy to sustain a balanced life while continuing with the hard work and effort to yield success.

All women should make excellence their goal in everything they trade in. Even if they do not become the smartest, they should be the ones who try the hardest. If they are not the fastest, they should be the ones who train the hardest. Becoming a successful female entrepreneur calls for reasoning and acting strategically.

All women entrepreneurs should believe in themselves. Successful businesspeople are normally confident since they know the far they have reached is through their determination. They should maintain a running list of their career strengths and update it often. They should often inspire themselves by reading the biographies of iconic women and looking for successful female entrepreneurs to mentor them. One can create a vision board displaying pictures and words that illustrate the success one aiming. Determined women should surround themselves with their visions and ambitions.

Learn From Experiences
Ambitious women must learn from all experiences or circumstance, whether bad or good. They should view barriers as their stepping stones. They should as well allow themselves to be taught by all they encounter. They must learn to listen more than they speak. They should continue to study and advance their careers even after they have achieved the position they always desired. Achieving success is a challenge but maintaining the success is more challenging.

Susan McGalla is an example of a successful female entrepreneur. She is a renowned American entrepreneur as well as an executive consultant who is based in Pennsylvania. She rose to fame after becoming the CEO of Wet Seal Inc. She was also the president of the American Eagle Outfitters Inc. Susan McGalla currently sits on the influential Board of HFF Inc. McGalla has previously shared her valuable opinions on how to become a successful businessperson in many audiences including the Pittsburgh’s Women and Girls’ Foundation and at the Carnegie Mellon University. She admits that most women she talks with normally seek authentic approaches that have real-life applications. McGalla notes that conventional party lines and buzzwords have become irrelevant to ambitious women who no longer desire to be categorized as just women, but also as experts in their respective careers. She says that this particular evolution that has happened around the world is very inspiring to the womenfolk.

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Joseph Bismark Has Acted Boldly

Having a strict exercise routine is not easy, and it is not for the faint of heart. But, Joseph Bismarkhas never been a weak person, and he is very strict on himself when it comes to the exercises that he does. According to what is said in the article released through Reuters, Joseph Bismark believes that yoga is very important to his health. He also does cycling, swimming, and various other activities to make sure that he is staying strong in every way. And, not only does he believe that his body needs to be exercised, but he also believes that exercising his mind is an essential part of staying healthy. So, he has a very strict exercise routine, and he is able to stick with it because of his willpower.
Joseph Bismark has always been a strong man in all of the things that he has done, one of those being setting up his business with the power of spirituality added into it. He wanted to be able to prove to everyone that spirituality has a place in businesses, and he formed his business around that belief. And, even though some people may have doubted him, he did not let that get him down. He pushed ahead, and now it is proved to everyone that he was right. His business is in a great place today because of his beliefs playing a part in it.
Joseph Bismark has always had a great respect for the people in the world around him, and that is part of what makes him such a great businessman. People enjoy working with him and for him because he believes in them and all that they are doing. Joseph Bismark learned to be this way from the monks that he lived with for a time when he was young, and now people can learn from him. Joseph Bismark is a man to be respected, and everyone who wants to do well as they deal in business should look up to him for the things that he has done and the bold ways in which he has acted.

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Handy Cleaning Services: An all around great company

Handy is a home cleaning service that was founded by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua. Their home cleaning services are different from other brands. You can order a service with just the tip of your finger on your iphone. A potential customer can order services like a plumber, handyman, and, of course, a home cleaner. Handy was created like this so that customer can have a less hassle way of ordering this kind of service. Their services are all about providing the most convenient way for the client.

The customer just has to enter their zip code, the rooms you need cleaning and the start time. You will instantly get a quote.If you choose for the company to work for you, then that is when your card will be charge. It is that simple, and no surprise hidden payments.If a customer is not entirely happy with the work, which is not likely, they offer a money back guarantee. Customers like the idea of booking a service instantly. Every day, consumers are getting more comfortable with the idea of scheduling a service through an app. Hanrahan was once quoted saying, “We think the Handy platform will be a remote control for your home. We want to get to a place where we’ll roll out all of those service categories in an instant book kind of way.”

Handy on youtube has not been around for that long, but they are already growing incredibly fast. They offer their services in 25 cities and have over 50 employees, and thousands of freelancers have done more 10,000 jobs per month.Some of their most recent expansion have been in the towns of Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.They also offer their service in two cities in Canada and some cities in London.They now earned 1 million a week.

The company number one priority is the customer safety. All of the freelancers go through an extensive background check. They are very picky on whom they hire for their company. Out of the thousands of people who apply to work for Handy, which is about 200,00 daily, only 3 percent will get the job. A worker at Handy is given the opportunity to earn anywhere between $15 to $22 an hour. Most of their employees make about $18 an hour. An employee is also given the opportunity to be flexible with their schedules. Freelancers can enjoy the benefit of knowing exactly what their paid is going to be before accepting a job.

Handy is an all around company. There are not too many companies out there where the consumer and the employee are equally happy.The customer can enjoy ordering services without any trouble. They can also enjoy the fact that they will know the price that they are going to pay before the service arrives at the house. Employees have the benefits of working whenever they see fit while simultaneously earning an excellent living. The employees are great at their job, and the customers are happy with their services.

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Never Turn A Wiki Page Into An Autobiography

Creating a Wiki page can be an autobiographical endeavor. In other words, anyone who wishes to create an article about him or herself certainly may do so. A point does have to be made here. Just because someone is allowed to create his or her own Wikipedia entry does not mean doing so is a good idea. In actuality, self-crafting a Wiki page may end up being a very poor idea since the end result might turn out rather unflattering. Much of the text might be edited and removed by the community editors due to the entry’s failure to meet Wiki standards that’s why they hire Wikipedia writers.

Why would someone intentionally write poorly composed entries about him/herself? Perspective counts for a lot when writing about an individual. Even when someone feels a lot of passion about crafting text about someone, it is necessary to maintain a bit of detachment from the subject. The reason is the writing has to fit into Wikipedia’s tone. The material has to be straight-forward, thorough, and accurate. Tangents or personal observations are not helpful nor are they going to be appreciated. The material likely is going to be removed by an editor and wisely so.

Trying to do this when writing about another person is difficult. Attempts at being detached are critically harder when the subject is oneself. Again, perspective means a great deal when writing about a subject and this is why writing an autobiography is tough. One thing does need to be noted about all those great autobiographies available in bookstores. The vast majority of them were funneled through an editor prior to publication. A lot of improvements are made during the editing stage.

A lot of time ends up being wasted when a Wiki page has to be drastically re-edited or experience the removal of a tremendous amount of material. A wise suggestion would be to turn the writing and editing over to a service best able to do a great job.

Contacting Get Your Wiki, a top Wikipedia writing company is worth considering. Get Your Wiki has a staff capable of writing original, accurate material for the site. Future edits and updates can be made as needed. The service provides monitoring work, which is necessary to keep spam and inaccurate material from remaining on the page.

The best thing to do in most cases is to hire someone with a professional background to handle the task of crafting a Wiki page. At least this way, the end result should be something of high quality.

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Guerra Named as Co-Lead Counsel In Synergy GMO Lawsuit

The law firm of Mikal Watts and Frank Guerra (watts-Guerra, LLP) has been aggressively urging farmers to file suit against Syngenta, the Swiss global agricultural firm. The company sold farmers seed corn that was genetically modified without disclosing that some countries where the corn may be exported had not approved the GMO corn. As a result, even though the Syngenta corn only represented about 3% of the total US corn exports, China refused millions of bushels of US corn. The refusal to accept the corn sent corn prices plummeting on the world markets further causing millions of dollars of economic damages to American farmers.

The US grows some 14.2 billion bushels of corn with just twenty states producing 99% of the total crop. Exports to other countries are approximately 11% of the annual crop. China accounts for a small portion of those exports since they have historically been self-sufficient in corn production. However, the growth of China’s agricultural businesses, especially pork, and poultry production has caused China to begin importing increasing quantities of corn.

Mikal Watts, the principal of the firm had already attained the distinction of being one of the few lawyers with experience in winning agricultural mass tort lawsuits. He successfully negotiated a settlement with Bayer Crop Sciences that yielded $750 million in damages stemming from a GMO rice product. Similar to the Syngenta case, Bayer introduced a strain of GMO rice without proper approvals causing a collapse in the US rice exports and markets.

Watts has been named for several years running as one of Texas’ rising stars in the legal profession. Watts graduated from the University of Texas School of Law with honors in 1989. After working as a briefing attorney for the Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court, Watts entered private practice with the law firm of David L. Perry & Associates in Corpus Christi, Texas. In 1997, Watts opened his own practice that has grown into the Watts-Guerra, LLP firm today. In addition to agribusiness, the firm specializes in product defect litigation, personal injury, commercial trucking and refinery negligence as well as various forms of commercial litigation.

Frank Guerra joined Watts in 2001, becoming a capital partner in 2009. Like Watts, Guerra is a graduate of the University of Texas School of Law.

Guerra has recently been named as the co-lead counsel for the Syngenta lawsuit. Currently, Watts-Guerra represents approximately 92% of the tens of thousands of lawsuits filed by farmers across the country. Guerra was also appointed to the Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee. The appointment was done by a Federal judge in Minnesota and paves the way for the consolidation, and coordination of the lawsuits filed in other districts. Watts-Guerra has demonstrated an excellent record of handling this type of multi-jurisdictional legal proceedings.

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