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Lightning Research In Venezuela Open Doors To Safety

Lightning research in Venezuela is the subject of an article and video from the Telegraph, and it shows how much needs to be done to help improve weather safety around the world. There are a lot of things around the world that happen because weather researchers do not understand how weather patterns formed. They cannot warn people, but they are learning a lot from the weather in Venezuela around Lake Maracaibo.
The lake has a lot of lake effect lightning every year because of the air that is coming off the mountains, and even the locals are being questioned about how it impacts them. This lightning happens 300 times a year, and it could happen up to 200 times an hour. There are so many strikes every year that they are hard to count, and there is a lot to look at when researchers like Norka Luque pull up by the side of the lake.

It is very important that the Venezuelan government is keeping the door open for more research, and the people who live around the lake are there to help the researchers understand what it means to live with such a weather system. The nice people and the openness of the government are important for weather safety around the world, and anyone who wants to learn more can come to see the lightning for themselves. Checking out the the Dateas video will be enlightening for many.

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A Well Known Billionaire Sells Equity, Buys Gold

A billionaire investor and trader, George Soros, who is known for making a $1 billion dollar profit from a single trade in 1992, has recently been reported by The Wall Street Journal to exit his stock positions and enter into gold and gold-miner indexes. His fund manages upwards of $30 billion, which makes the move into gold ripple as a warning sign to other investors.

Moving funds into gold is seen as a “defensive” trade and is usually done when the state of the market or economy becomes uncertain or when investors believe something bad is on the horizon. The investment into gold indicates that currencies are likely to lose value and that the stock market is going to become volatile or even crash in some sectors. To protect investments investors move money into precious metals, like gold or silver, because they tend to retain their value and are “safer” investments in times of uncertainty. In fact, over 1/3 of the stocks held by the Soros fund were moved into gold.

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A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

The billionaire fund manager’s bearish thesis is based partly on distrust in the Chinese market as well as uncertainty in the European Union. George Soros even believed that the collapse of the European Union is possible; highlighting the financial stress of Greece, the migration crisis, and the possible exit of the EU by the UK.

Less recently, Soros has been largely quiet, allowing other officials in the Soros fund to manage the investments. This makes his personal involvement in the move into gold more noteworthy, as he usually only actively trades when large losses are made, or large economic changes are being foretold. One of Soros’s former chief strategists, Stan Druckenmiller, was also reported from Bloomberg to be bullish on gold and had the majority of his currency allocation in the precious metal.

With the FOMC meeting coming out Wednesday, we may see a bullish increase in gold and gold miner indexes as uncertainty and speculation rise as investors have eyes on the Federal Reserve rate hike.

Together with George Soros’s move into gold and uncertainty spreading through the US and global economy, we may expect a large volume of the market and other investors to follow suit. If true, this would drive gold prices up, likely passing the $1300/oz highs of the year.

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Food Shortages Creating Problems For Venezuelan Families

The severe food shortages are creating a major problem for Venezuelan families. The regime of Hugo Chavez implemented a program where schools would serve meals to children. These schools would serve government subsidized foodstuffs and would be funded by the government. With subsidized foods now becoming increasingly scarce and schools having their funding cut drastically, many more children are now going hungry.
Parents like Jose Manuel Gonzlez, are now faced with a difficult choice. They can send their children to school and have them hungry. Or they can leave them at home where they might be able to feed them themselves. Other parents meanwhile are just choosing to let their kids sleep at home and relax because there is no food found at the school nor at home.

Many children are now being left at home instead of going to school, and a lot of them are going hungry. Even the ones that do have access to food many are not getting enough calories. Parents are being forced to share their limited food among their children and among themselves. Many of the poor people in Venezuela are not consistently not eating three times a day. Gonzalez says “we do not have enough food for three meals a day”.

One mother describes that her child has not drunk milk for almost three years now. A staggering statistic shows that almost 3/4 of the population cannot afford to buy and eat eggs on a regular basis. Meat is now considered a luxury in the country.


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Brian Bonar Is A Cambridge Publishing Executive Of The Year In Finance

San Diego’s Brian Bonar has always been known for his leadership abilities. After graduating from James Watt Technical College with a degree in technical engineering, he got his Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University. Brian went to work for IBM and eventually started his own company, Bezier Systems. He eventually went to work for Dalrada Financial Corporation and became Chairman and CEO of that company. Brian Bonar used his engineering background at IBM and Bezier, but he really connected to the financial industry at Dalrada Financial. It didn’t take Bonar long to realize that the human resource sector of the industry was his true calling, and that’s when Trucept Inc. became a big part of Brian’s life.

Trucept Inc. develops payroll and tax packages for small and medium size companies. Risk management, financial planning, and general human resource programs are some of the other services that Bonar offers clients. Brian Bonar has been recognized over the last 30 years for his contributions to the financial industry as well as for the human resource packages he developed. He was named a Cambridge Who’s Who honoree in the field of finance. Only two men and two men receive that honor in their respective industries each year. The Cambridge Publishing executive panel picked Bonar for his outstanding work with small and medium size corporations. Mr. Bonar’s financial programs and his proven track record as a business and community leader speaks for itself, according to an article published by PRNewswire.com.

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Brian Bonar – Executive Bio, Compensation History, and Contacts

The qualities that the Cambridge Publishing panel looks for are integrity, leadership, fortitude, and discipline. Bonar possesses all those characteristics and more according to his employees and clients. The city of San Diego has benefited from Bonar’s charitable contributions as well as his desire to entice tourists to the city. Brian’s new French Bistro, Bellamy’s, is a hit in a city that is known for seafood and Mexican food. Bonar is in the process of developing 425 acres outside of the city limits. He is planning and developing a major entertainment venue on that property. That complex with add another dimension to the tourist experience that people around the world have grown to love.

The business and personal success that Bonar has enjoyed over the past three decades is just a partial description of this extraordinary man. He is dedicated to family values, and he spends a great deal of time and money supporting charitable causes. Brian Bonar is considered a renaissance man that puts people first. Bonar has been recognized in his business and personal life on numerous occasions over the years. The Cambridge Publishing Who’s Who honor is another confirmation that Bonar is the real deal when it comes to finance, leadership, and charitable work.

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Andy Wirth’s Goal: Make Squaw Valley Number One in the World

Squaw Valley is known for its terrain. Unfortunately, people stop visiting the area in the springtime and business slows down. To make matters more difficult, the mountain destination marketplace has become more competitive over the years. Resorts around the U.S. are creating different activities year-round in an attempt to attract tourists.

With public input, the ultimate goal of Squaw Valley is to make it an attractive destination in the eyes of tourists, according to Andy Wirth’s op-ed. Another goal is to create about 1,400 jobs at the resort. A third objective of the project is to generate more than $25 million in annual tax revenue. This will benefit the entire county and will help fund various important public services. Read more: Interview with Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth | Tahoetopia

Some of the year-round opportunities that will be created include a Squaw Creek Interpretive Park that offers unique educational experiences and miles of new trails for biking and hiking. There also would be a Mountain Adventure Camp that features world-class training facilities for athletes, all while preserving the mountain landscape community’s values. Some of the activities included would be zip lines, rock climbing, and many other adventure activities. Learn more about Andy Wirth: http://andywirth.com/and http://www.auburnjournal.com/article/10/28/15/another-view-community-input-shaping-squaw-valley%E2%80%99s-future

Since the project idea was introduced, it has been reduced by 50 percent. Greater than 90 percent of the project will be completed on 82 acres of asphalt parking lots. Buildings may only be built up to 30 feet in order to preserve the mountain views. Read more: Just Breathe: Andy Wirth on the Upswing in Tahoe

According to the plan, extensive restoration of Squaw Creek and contributions of over $1 million yearly to environmental initiatives will be necessary. Over 50% of the area for the project has been dedicated to open space. Also, more than 3,000 acres of mountain land are going to be used in the project.

Andy Wirth, who is the CEO of Squaw Valley, has worked tirelessly to make Squaw Valley the number one tourist destination worldwide. Wirth is also a huge contributor to environmental and community service organizations within the vicinity of Lake Tahoe. After nearly dying in a skydiving accident, Andy co-founded an Ironman team called “Wounded Warrior Support.”

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Yeonmi Park’s Escape And Depiction Of North Korea

Yeonmi Park, the author of In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom notes that she did not know what the word freedom was and its concept. She had also never heard of it. To her, having food was the happiest thing.
Her story begins on March 31, 2007. That is the time she began her journey out of North Korea. Yeonmi and her mother crossed the icy Yalu River in the middle of the night. She arrived in China without a clear plan of her next course of action. At the time, Yeonmi was only 13. It marked the start of a distressing journey of several years. She went across China, through the large Golbi desert before eventually reaching South Korea using a plane via the Mongolian border. This information was originally posted on reason.com. More details can be found through this link https://reason.com/blog/2015/11/15/yeonmi-parks-north-korean-defector-story

Yeonmi’s journey was characterized with starvation and constant abuse. Suicide was never far away. She survived the journey due to her remarkable strength and desire to live at the time. Yeonmi’s father joined them in the journey. However, he died within a few months due to untreated cancer. Speaking to Reason TV, Yeonmi noted that her father died without knowing the kind of democracy that exists in the world as well as the food that is available. She added that if she could have had the kind of items American throw away, she would have no reason to run away from North Korea.

Her story has charmed thousands of readers and propelled her to stardom across the world. However, she has had her detractors led by Pyongyang that accuses her along with her mother as agents of the US. Other critics point out that they have established inaccuracies on how she depicts North Korea and discrepancies in her life narrative.

Yeonmi insists that she knows the facts to her story. She notes that some of the details were changed to protect her family members that reside in North Korea. Other incidents like the sexual abuse have been covered in shame. She says she did not want to disclose that she was raped at 13. According to her, other misstatements have been caused by her bad command of the English language. Yeonmi points out that she has the facts on North Korea and the oppression cannot be silenced.

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The Healing Magic of Shea Butter

All it takes to see products advertising shea butter as an active ingredient is quick trip down the lotion aisle of the local drugstore. But what is shea butter, really? Shea butter is actually a fat that has been extracted from the nuts of shae trees that grow in Africa. The butter is usually an off-white color with a distinct smell similar to that of cocoa butter. But what does this have to do with the lotion aisle? Well, shea butter contains Vitamin A and Vitamin E, both important vitamins for the healing of scars and reduction of stretch marks. Shea is also a hydrating product that can be used to help soothe or heal dry skin. Shea butter can also be used as a light sunblock, as it does offer some U.V protection. Shea butter is a healing wonder for dry, cracked, scarred, or blemished skin.

EuGenia Shea is a company that produces and sells shea butter that promises to contain 95% Shea content, much more than your average shea butter product. And, with their commitment to working with female-owned cooperatives in Ghana, they may be helping to heal more than just your skin. EuGenia is the brainchild of Harvard graduate Naa-Sakle Akuete who wanted to help her mother grow her business using a humanitarian, female-oriented, sustainable approach to the typical business model.

EuGenia Shea comes beautifully packaged and ready to use. But the best part of purchasing the product, aside from the fading of that pesky scar you’ve been using cover-up on for years, is knowing that by purchasing it, you are directly supporting women in Ghana. Portions of the profits for EuGenia’s sales go directly to the cooperatives and help pay for schooling and other necessities for the families of the women who harvest this healing butter from the nut of the Shea Tree. So, shea butter may have the magic to heal in more ways than one.

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Florida Pharmacies Sending Medicines to Venezuela

Pharmacies in Florida are receiving up to 1,000 phone calls from Venezuela each week ordering medicine as reported by SlideShare. The country is extremely short of even the most basic medicines. The problem that many residents are facing is that their orders must be paid for in United States dollars which are in extremely short supply.

The most common requested medicines according to Dr. Osio are those for high-blood pressure, diabetes and cancer. Some Venezuelans have even become desperate enough to order diapers from the Florida-based pharmacies.
Courier service Terra Overseas says that they have stopped charging to ship medicines into the country. When they made this decision, the number of orders really skyrocketed. While the majority of residents deal directly with the pharmacy, others rely on family members living in Florida to take care of securing the badly needed medicines and sending it to them. When family members fulfill the need, then they often send other items too like food and basic hygiene items.
A Florida law makes the sending of medicine to the country legal. The law has been on the books for two years. There is no plans to change the law right now.

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Seek and One Shall Find, Visually

While there is a lot to be appreciated about search engines, they do still leave a bit to be desired when it comes to finding certain items. While search engines do help with the increase of sales for businesses, there is a limit that people on both the business side and the customer side face.

This is the limit of not being able to find a certain item because of the lack of knowledge about the name of the item. This is where visual search comes in. According to Techcrunch, Visual search is good for retail and customers because it makes it easier for the customer to find the item that they have seen.

As a result, the retailer that is selling the item is more likely to make a sell. One example of visual search is Slyce. Slyce has made a lot of progress since it was first released to the public. Among the things that Slyce has done was sign up with a lot of retailers so that it could help them make plenty of more sells. Among the retailers that Slyce has signed up with is Shoe Carnival – http://techcrunch.com/2016/04/30/why-image-recognition-is-about-to-transform-business/.

As a result, more people are able to find the type of shoes that they want. Visual search is an invention that improves a lot when it comes to business. It is also widely available to be used. One thing that could be said for the Internet is that it is making it easier for people to do everything.

People can look up prices of a certain item with visual search. If the items that caught the user’s eye is not available in stores, then he can be directed to similar items that may actually be of greater quality. Either way, this improves the chances of people getting items that they want.

Get additional details at Slyce – Visual Search, Image & Product Recognition

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Better Reputation: Choosing a Reliable Reputation Management Firm

Managing your reputation online is extremely essential and offers all of the same benefits as managing your reputation offline. Your online reputation can have a great impact on your business or your professional life. That is why you need to take appropriate steps to ensure that only positive information about you and your business, show up on the top pages of search engines. And that’s why online reputation management services can help you.

One of the main reasons to be keep track of your reputation online is so that you are aware of what Internet users are saying about you or your company. In the digital environment, one of the most damaging things that can happen to your business or even your personal profile is a derogatory online review or comment. But what if someone posted a negative review and you didn’t even know about it? Not being aware of negative posts or reviews about you or your business could have a huge negative impact on your business, as you cannot control or manage the situation. The only way is to be proactive and monitor what is posted or said about you online. You have to see the review or content to respond suppress the post.

Better Reputation is a highly trusted reputation management service provider. The company has been rendering top notch services for many years and has an impressive list of highly successful clients.

Better Reputation pays attention to their clients’ needs and develops effective and powerful strategies to suppress or eliminate slander or other negative reviews and boost their profile. Better Reputation can give you an opportunity to promote your business or your personal profile online.

Better Reputation has a team of well qualified and experienced professionals. The company understands the reputation management industry thoroughly and how to promote a company’s brand to help generate more business. With a wide variety of online reputation management approaches and a vast range of resources, Better Reputation has what it takes to help you get rid of negative posts and promote positive content about you and your business.

Source: http://www.businessnewsdaily.com/7869-choosing-a-reputation-management-service.html

For more information check out Better Reputation on Twitter today!

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