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QNET Promotes Water Sanitation Through The RYTHM Foundation

QNET is a direct selling corporation with a global reach. It seeks to empower its employees by developing products that enable them to make a living while making a positive impact on the lives to the consumers they sell to. QNET grew out of a desire to create a better working environment for direct selling professionals in the Philippines. Today QNET seeks to foster positivity through putting its corporate values into action. The values that comprise the QNET ethos are care, service and integrity. QNET understands that its employees are its most valuable resource and seeks to empower them as much as it can. In addition to valuing its employees, QNET also values its ability to be of service to its employees and communities around the world. The company believes in the connection between self-empowerment and community empowerment and as such has developed the corporate philosophy RYTHM which stands for Raise Yourself To Help Mankind. The philosophy is inspired by Indian activist Mahatma Gandhi who advocated for nonviolent social change in India. His philosophy would go on to inspire preacher and civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

One of the ways that QNET puts the corporate values it learned from social change giants Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr. into action is through its RYTHM Foundation. QNET created the RYTHM Foundation to fulfill its commitment to working with communities to create better futures for their members. Recently the corporation worked through the RYTHM Foundation to organize a charitable initiative called the Positive Thoughts Project. The Positive Thoughts Project is a partnership with one of QNET’s product lines HomePure and it promotes an issue that is critically important to the well-being of people around the world: water sanitation. There are currently millions of people across the globe that don’t have access to clean water. The RYTHM Foundation and QNET are doing their part by donating HomePure water sanitation systems to non-profit organizations that serve marginalized people. Through the Positive Thoughts Project RYTHM is asking its Facebook fans to leave positive comments on a Facebook post. If 500 Facebook comments are left RYTHM will donate a Homepure water sanitation system to its school for children with special needs known as Taarana. If 1,000 comments are left overall RYTHM Foundation will donate an additional Homepure water sanitation system to a Middle Eastern nonprofit located in the United Arab Emirates called the Rashid Centre.

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Igor Cornelsen and Teaching Others to Get Rich

If you consider the financial world as a game, then you already know there are winners and losers. Some people have spent their entire lives just trying to hang on or to make it, while others have become pretty good at coming up with strategies that work. When you find someone who understands the winning strategy and who knows how to get ahead, you either go with them or learn from them. One such investor, Igor Cornelsen, has shown you can not only get ahead but you can also significantly increase your position just by following the basics.

The key to someone like Igor Cornelsen is that while he does have the basic building blocks, he is also so much more than that. When individuals think about what they can learn and how they can grow, they need to absorb as much information as possible in order to truly be able to use that information and make high quality decisions off of it. The problem on igorcornelsen.yolasite.com is when you have someone who truly understands the material and they are acting in a teaching capacity, it is hard to make the connections necessary to actually transfer information.

Igor Cornelsen has shown his ability to relate to others in ways that they can understand as one of his strongest qualities. Even though individuals still need to spend time with the markets and with finances in general, if anyone is able to understand some very specific concepts and points with respect to how individuals make decisions and how risk comes into play then they can make the much shorter jump to specific financial concepts. Igor Cornelsen’s ability to do this occurs at multiple levels, and it is one of the reasons so many young investors as well as experts in the field are instantly drawn to him. When you have the ability to take complex subjects and boil it down into very simple to understand items that will stick with you, anyone can see the value in such a scenario.

Igor Cornelsen is not just an expert of finance who has made significant strides in general in the world of finance. But Igor Cornelsen is also a teacher who is helping to open the minds of young and veteran investors everywhere. Unless you think you are a guru of the markets, it may do you some good to look into what he has been teaching and how he has been helping others.

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Economic Crises in Venezuela Leads to Water Shortages

It’s becoming more and more obvious that a Socialist experiment in Venezuela didn’t work out. Instead of moving forward, Venezuela is sliding back, perhaps as far as it was decades ago. As Bloomberg reports, this oil-rich country suffers from acute shortages, including water. In some apartments, water comes out once in several days and when it does, it is yellow.
Yellow water isn’t healthy for the humans. Children are reported to get sick from it. It even came to the point where water trucks got robbed, especially the trucks that had been sent to drought-stricken areas. Gangsters are reported to make the water truck drivers discharge water in the areas they control.

“Crime isn’t new to Venezuela” posted Danilo Diaz Granados in his myspace page. This South American nation has one of the highest violent crime rates in the world. Now, the economic downturn is leading to even more crime and misery. It’s a country where even water is considered to be a valuable commodity.

Unfortunately, Venezuela didn’t prepare for a downturn when the oil prices and, as a result, state revenues hit all-time high. Instead, Hugo Chavez had squandered country’s wealth with his bad policies.

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Ricardo Guimaraes Accomplishments As The Head Of Banco BMG Bank

Ricardo Guimaraes has turned Banco BMG bank to be an influential figure in the Brazilian football clubs. Banco BMG bank uses funding and confidentiality to motivate diverse talents found in Brazil football leagues, most likely in the first division. Ricardo Guimaraes began his career as the chairperson of mining bank in 2008. In his era, Mining bank started investing highly in sports.


He also served as the chair of Atletico Mineiro. Banco BMG bank sponsored twelve teams in 2011 to motivate them to compete in the Brazil Championship. In Brazil Serie A football league, more than half of the teams bears Banco BMG bank logo. Ricardo Guimaraes has more passion for sports a scenario that made him pay players allowances with his personal money to motivate them while being the chairperson of Atletico Mineiro club. Ricardo Guimaraes led Banco BMG bank to be the leading bank in the modalities involving payroll loans. See for more composed information.


Agencia Estado news made a liberation that composed of comprehensive information on Banco BMG bank Chief Executive Officer. Ricardo Guimaraes got nurtured by Flavio Guimaraes, who taught him how to deal with the bank distribution channels. Flavio Guimaraes was a top-notch entrepreneur who invested highly in the cannery and the Brazil agricultural sector, which gave him very huge returns. Ricardo was lucky to be raised by one of the wealthiest families in the whole of Brazil.


Executive Ricardo was nurtured in Minas Gerais town. He has been treasuring Minas and promoting the development of this city. Guimaraes possessed great innovation and leadership talents since his childhood. He indeed participated in turning BMG bank into the nationally recognized loans lender Company. His contributions towards achieving a flexible and sustainable banking system impress many organizations that honored him with awards in return.


In the reign of Ricardo Guimaraes as the head of Banco BMG bank, the bank strategized and took over in the sole operational of consigned credit. Guimaraes embraces the presence of technological advancements to make Banco BMG flexible and stable in the capital market. BMG bank contains committed and dedicated personnel who works efficiently and reports the banks daily undertakings to CEO Guimaraes.


The primary focus of Ricardo Annes Guimaraes involves the lending out of loans at cheaper rates so as to benefit clients of all economic groups. Guimaraes is also highly recognized due to his successful offering of sponsorships to the Brazil sports. To get detailed information on the tenure of Guimaraes in BMG, see this link

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The Extend Of The Effects The Current Economic Crisis And Its Possible Turn Out As Discussed By George Soros

George Soros has picked a lot of interest over the current global economic environment. Speaking to investors from across the world at an economic forum in Sri Lanka, George Soros stated that the current economic crisis has reached a global level, and its effects are visible all over the world. He says that there is a gradual rise in the already high-interest rates in the third word and developing economies as a result of the crisis. He added that these countries on nybooks.com are under a lot of pressure trying to prevent the economic situation from getting out of hand. On top of this other developed economies around the world are also experiencing economic anomalies. United States stock markets are have started recording bumpy trading patterns. Most stocks in the American markets currently have an inconsistent performance due to the crisis.

George Soros says that in Europe the Euro keeps devaluing, as the European Union has lost its economic strength. This had made it easy for the current economic crisis to affect the Euro’s value greatly. George Soros added that the European Union is fated to suffer greater losses from the crisis, which is including its collapse. According to the Open Society founder, the member countries of the European Union are currently wrangled up in a lot of internal crisis. He stated that if the member states of the European Union do not unite, the current economic crisis alongside the prevailing internal problems will lead to its collapse. George Soros called upon the European Union chairperson and German Chancellor Angela Merkel to work hard to mobilize her members to unite. He added that this unity will play a major role in ensuring the survival of the region past the crisis.

George Soros said that Asia has suffered the most from the effects of this crisis. He says that China being the cause of the current crisis, the Asia markets in which it greatly trades in have received the larger share of the effects. Over $2.5 have already been lost from the stock markets in this region with Chinese equities. The price of Chinese equities has greatly fallen leading to this big loss. George Soros said that stocks markets in Asia were forced to cut operations during the year’s first week for the rest of Thursday. This was a move that was aimed at saving the Chinese equities from experiencing any further loss. This came as the Chinese Yuan recorded further devaluation for another week.

George Soros said that the current market crisis might turn out to the 2008 crisis. George Soros stated that if the crisis worsens in its current direction, it would beat the economic destruction created by the crisis in 2008. George Soros advice to investors was that each of them should watch out their investment sectors and be fast to save their investments if the economy situations worsen. 



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U.S. Money Reserve’s Stunning New Website Arrives


Interest in gold and other precious metals is strong. The President of U.S. Money Reserve, Philip Diehl, has noted concerns over monetary policy, the buying of gold by governments, banks, and speculators, and other factors are all leading people to diversify their portfolios with precious metals. In order to do so, people need a resource in which to purchase. CBS 19 reports U.S. Money Reserve has developed a brand-new e-commerce website capable of meeting all customer needs.

CBS 19  reports the feature-packed website is most definitely impressive. In addition to providing a means to purchase valuable coins, the site is loaded with informational content.

The layout of the twitter site is a marvel to behold. An incredible amount of work went into creating an easy to browse online catalog. The hallmark of the website is the stunning recreation of the company’s inventory. Gold, silver, and platinum coins are all on display for perusing visitors to see. They can also check out the real-time price changes of those three precious metals on the market. The updated prices are presented clearly at the top of the website. This is one of the nice touches the site presents for those looking for information.

The site does go deeper in depth into the basics of precious metals investing on its subpages. A special section is dedicated specifically to gold, the most popular of all precious metals people prefer to invest in. The added informational material is sure to be appreciated by those new to this type of investing. Likely, they have a lot of questions, and the informational content probably does a great deal to answer things.

Through facilitating the sale of thousands of coin orders over the years, the management of U.S. Money Reserve does realize a lot of customers are first-time buyers. The design of the website was crafted in manner to help them out.

Through the integration of reliable, secure online purchasing software, anyone buying from the website will experience a smooth process. Contact with a live account representative is always an option. One-on-one consulting can be engaged in for the purpose of determining what particulars may be the most appropriate to buy.

U.S. Money Reserve has become a top providers of precious metal coins thanks to its strong commitment to customer service. The new website the company has devised reflect the new phase of this outstanding customer service.

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Jon Urbana Overcomes Challenges Like It’s His Job

Jon Urbana is one of those busy individuals that always makes time for other interest. Most know that Urbana is a former lacrosse athlete known for his skill on the lacrosse field. Jon Urbana is also an entrepreneur that manages a very successful business. Still, Urbana makes time for his special interests. Truly, it is a super challenge to keep up with all Urbana’s special interest. For example, did you know that Jon Urbana makes special time for his charity work? It’s quite true. Urbana also devotes special time to a flying career, running a lacrosse camp, and social media.

A busy man like Jon Urbana always makes time for charity work. He is the man behind a new GoFundMe page for Earth Force. Jon Urbana is a Denver, Colorado native. Certainly, he has a great love for the outdoors and enjoys the land’s natural beauty frequently with plenty of videos seen here on Vimeo. This is the main reason that Urbana feels a need to work with the non-profit organization, Earth Force. The local youth group is involved with improving the natural environment. Read more about their campaign here.

Jon Urbana is a Denver, Colorado based pilot that the FAA considers a fine example of a pilot that has met all the standards that were set down by the organization. In fact, Urbana is considered a pilot that has met or exceeded the standards set by the organization. Read more here.

Urbana is the founder of the Next Level camp. Next Level is a lacrosse camp that is based in Colorado. The camp is designed to improve the natural playing ability of the kids that attend the camp. The kids get a great opportunity to learn the inside scoop from the professionals. Go here for more information.

Jon Urbana also takes the time to check out the social media sites and keep up to date on his friends. Social media is also a wonderful way to connect with Urbana and read his latest post, or even send him a message. Did you know that Urbana is on Facebook and Twitter? Check it out.

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The Lone Soldier Statue Funded By US Money Reserve


The statue for the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor is coming out this year, and it will be placed in Hawaii. The U.S. Money Reserve according to kusi.com has been busy selling 75th anniversary Pearl Harbor gold coins in order to help fund this respectful tribute to the men and women who serve in the Navy in the past, in the present and in the future. The statue is meant to bring hope to our nation, inspire youths to do their best, and to honor the men and women who serve and their families as well. In order to understand what this occasion means and how important the 75th anniversary is in our culture, it seemed relevant to relay some important details about this occasion.

About The Statue: The History Of The Lone Sailor

When the U.S. Money Reserve decided to help out in funding the arrangement of this great iconic statue for the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, it seemed like quite an achievement, and it really is a respectful thing to commemorate those who served in our Navy. It takes a lot for the men and women in our Navy to spend their time and energy protecting our seas, so we should pay them a special appreciation by showing that we care about what they are doing for us.

The statue is called The Lone Sailor. It depicts a single, solitary sailor, standing with his seabag. The sculptor that came up with the design was Stanley Bleifeld. He was so inspired by the stories of the mean and women who served in the Navy, and he wanted to pay a special tribute to them. The face of The Lone Sailor is inspired by Rear Admiral William Thompson (the U.S.N.M.F.’s president of the time).

Read the original Yahoo article here.

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George Soros Makes Large Donation to Clinton Presidential Campaign

Forbes billionaire George Soros has once again made a large political donation. It has been revealed that his latest donation took place in December and involved giving $6 million to the super PAC that supports the campaign of Hillary Clinton. Soros has always had a reputation for being generous and supporting various charitable causes. He is also well-known for giving millions of dollars to political candidates that he supports. This has earned him a place among the biggest donors in the history of American politics.
The donation was made public when the super PAC called Priorities USA Action has filed its report with the Federal Election Commission. With the donation made by Soros, the PAC has received donations adding up to $41 million for 2015, according to a report from Politico.

The billionaire investor and philanthropist has already made a $1 million donation during the first half of 2015 to Priorities USA and has given another $1 million to American Bridge 21st Century, a super PAC that is also backing Clinton’s presidential campaign.

George Soros is a big supporter of liberal political causes and has previously shown that he is willing to give eight-figure amounts during election periods. During the 2004 presidential election, he has made donations adding up to over $20 millions to groups that aimed to prevent the reelection of George W. Bush. When this failed, he has scaled back his political donations somewhat.

In 2012, he made a $1 million donation to Priorities USA. At that time, the PAC was supporting the reelection of President Obama. Emails released by the State Department show that Soros has regretted supporting Obama in 2008 and praised Clinton’s willingness to have discussions with him on important policy issues.

The donations that Soros has made to American political campaigns are just a small fraction of the total amount of money he has given to causes that he believes in. Soros has stated that his wealth gives him an obligation to take a stand on controversial issues and make every effort to change the world for the better. In 1979, he made the decision to use the fortune he has made as a hedge fund manager to make positive changes in the world. The Open Society Foundations were started by Soros with the objective of building more open societies that would replace authoritarian regimes. The foundations have helped countless people around the globe and were most notable for giving scholarships to black students in apartheid-era South Africa and helping dissidents living under communist regimes in Eastern Europe study abroad.

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Career and Philanthropy of Alexei Beltyukov

A native of Russia, businessman, entrepreneur and philanthropist Alexei Beltyukov began his education in his home country. He earned a doctor of medicine, specializing in Internal Medicine, in 1994. He also studied at Singularity University and INSEAD, earning distinctions and degrees that would contribute to his success in his professional career.

LinkedIn would indicate that Beltyukov began at McKinssey & Company, starting out as an associate and later being promoted to Engagement Manager. He gained recognition for his work on the reform plan for Russia’s rail system. In fact, Beltyukov stayed in Russia for many years, working in high level positions at companies such as Brunswick Capital, Renova Project, Skolkovo Foundation and A-Ventures. He was responsible for managing millions of dollars, expanding exponentially the size of these companies, and selling his biggest ventures for large profits.

He was brought to the United States when Alexei joined SOLVY as the director. But in 2007, he founded the Russian company Mechanicus, still operating today. Later on, in 2013, he founded Endemic Capital, an angel investment company that helps fund Russian startup businesses. His work did not stop there, however, as he has worked for (or still works for) the likes of Moscow Exchange, Foro Energy, and New Gas Technologies. He is an international presence in the finance, need and business industries.

Though his interests are set on a global scale, Alexei Beltyukov has not forgotten his roots as About.me makes abundantly clear. In fact, many of his volunteer and philanthropic efforts are centered around giving aide to the next generation of Russian students. Along with other alumni of INSEAD, Beltyukov formed a scholarship to help future students afford their education at this university. The hope is that these students, like Beltukov, will attain a. High level of success in Russia or the Ukraine. He also devotes some time to helping MBA students at INSEAD create and develop their business enterprises, using his experience to guide them on their path.

Beltyukov has had a long and illustrious career and is undoubtedly a great success in many countries around the world. But not only does he continue to grow himself, he also takes the time and effort to help others as a mentor. He shows true concern for he education and careers of others.  Alexei’s website can be sought for further information.

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